Voice Changer while Calling

A true voice changer while calling is a software that can satisfyingly change your voice in real time, while talking on Skype, Discord, any other online chat program and even real iPhone calls.

voice changer while calling
Voice Changer while Calling

The real voice changer software that I strongly recommend (because it satisfies me the most) is called Voice Changer Software Diamond. It works like a charm for Windows PC with various voice effects, good background sounds and also has a huge online library of add-on that I usually wander around to get some cool stuff.

At the end of this article, you will find the list of tutorials to use the software with different voice chat programs. To begin, let me show you a picture of the Voice Changer Software Diamond version 9.5:

voice changer while calling main panel
To me, Voice Changer Software Diamond is the most complete tool in the market

You can download Voice Changer Software Diamond here:

1 - Why Voice Changer while calling?

There are two things to consider a good voice changer software: change voice in one click and detailed settings to let you choose what you want.

1.1 - Change your voice during call

First and foremost, you must be able to change your voice during call, whether it's a Skype call with friends, Discord, Google Hangouts or whatever online communication program. Yes, Voice Changer Software Diamond can absolutely do that, and even much more.

You can change voice on call as freely as you want such as: change male voice to female, baby girl, grandma, prank voice like robot, Darth Vader, even special narrative voice such as Morgan Freeman and many others.

Let me list some of the voices here so you will know better. We will use Nickvoices for the most simple funny voice. They are the ready-to-use voice presets. Just one click and your voice is changed.

Currently, Nickvoices is the feature with many presets to use, including 4 categories:

  • Male to female
  • Female to male
  • Movie maker (alien, angel, robot, ghost voice, etc.)
  • Non-human voice (bear, dog, cat, etc. - yes, you talk, and the other person will hear animal voices like barking, bird singing).

voice changer during call male to female voice presets
Voice Changer Softawre Diamond with Nickvoices

1.2 - Apply sound effects for your voice

And here, we will talk about Pitch - Timbre graph, Voice Effects and Background Effects

This is the real thing that made me "wow" when using the software for the first time. It really makes Voice Changer Software Diamond stand out from the crowd (at least to me) with so many more options to custom your voice. And by the way, I don't think you will be able to find this amount of personalized options on any other voice changer software out there.

In case you wonder, it has more than 30 Voice Effects, 70 Background Effects, 17 Non-human Voices, 40 plug-in Audio Effects and many things else. An amazing amount to try, don't you think?

1.2.1 - Pitch - Timbre graph

Aha! This was the one that amazed me most during my first try. It's just like a girl talking on the phone sound effect, making my voice higher and more girly. In fact, it allows you to change the age and gender of your voice.

  • Pitch to change gender
  • Timbre to change age. 

But be careful, too much adjustment may make your voice hilarious (and also less real). It's just understandable as there is always a limit how you change your voice, right? But don't worry, the quality is just way more satisfying or same same, compared to other software that I tried (anyway, I would prefer not to disclose which ones as I am a polite gentleman).

The graph is just very convenient to use, I can try so many voices and tones, which is awesome when you talk with one person multiple times and each time with a new voice.

voice changer while calling pitch timbre graph
Voice Changer Software Diamond with Pitch - Timbre graph

1.2.2 - Voice Effects

Yes, this is the secret spices to enhance your main dish. When the voice is ready, sometimes, you may want to add a little more effects to the voice to make it even cooler.

In my experience, most of the time I don't even need to use this, because Pitch - Timbre graph is already enough. But in many cases, when applying more voice effects, the result made me stunned. My new voice sounds so amazing, the characteristics of the voice is changed drastically but the core is still kept in excellent form. With this feature, we have:

  • Make-ups: ready-to-use presets such as breathy, vocal fry, trembling, warm, sharp, etc.

voice changer while calling vocal effects
Voice Changer Software Diamond with Make-ups. You see those settings? Amazing!

  • Voice Effects: this is situational as I usually use it when making audio, more than when using the voice changer while calling online. It has many good effects, my favorite ones are robot voice, Bass Cut in Band Reject Filter and Volume to adjust vocal. The reason is that they work well with my voice and my purpose. Therefore, remember to try the other ones, too. Because they awesome all the way.

voice changer while calling voice effects
Voice Changer Software Diamond with Voice Effects. So many to explore.

  • Equalizer: and the last one to add effects to your voice is Equalizer. I bet you didn't know that, Make-ups are the presets made from Equalizer., Surprised? This is what I like about this Voice Changer Software Diamond, because it gives users both options for a quick change in one click/or personal customization in details. 

Equalizer consists of different values in Hz, and you will quickly get the hang of it when changing the values. For me, I usually adjust each setting until finding out which I like most. It may sound like I blindly change the values, but no. After a few try, you will know which value defines which characteristic of your voice. And I promise, it's just extremely simple to get used to this feature.

voice changer software equalizer
Voice Changer Software Diamond with Equalizer

Additionally, you will see more presets in the Equalizer panel (plus the ones used regularly in Make-ups, you will a quiet amount of presets to choose).

1.2.3 - Background Effects

In many cases, besides changing voice, I also fake background sound during call, which enhances the talk very greatly with more effects and talking circumstances. This is like the decorations to your dish, making it more attractive and increase the appetite of the person who is gonna hear your call. There are a huge library of background effects to choose, and honestly, each and everyone of them is just worthwhile to try. (Anyway, isn't it a good idea to know what you have?).

voice changer while calling with background effects
Voice Changer Software Diamond with background effects

2 - A complete Voice Changer Software to edit audio

This is definitely not an average program that can only change your voice during call. Why? Because it has many other features to assist voice changing tasks.

Normally, when you talk, the software processes your voice immediately and send the new voice to the other side. They will only hear the changed voice (with effects if you want to).

But don't tell me, you use a voice changer software for only one purpose, which is to change voice on call? No, the fun is not limited like that. Believe me, changing your voice during call is fun and all, but can you do it a hundred times, day after day without getting bored?

That's why, many users, including me, want to find a way to have more fun with the voices. That's when we turn to finding a solution to record the changed voices into an audio files. And in this case, not just a small recording, you can also make a whole audio book with different voices and effects with Voice Changer Software Diamond.

This software has the power to freely custom your voice, add effects to the vocal, add some good background sounds, record and create audio files and then last but not least, convert audio formats. 
This is a whole process with only one software. The bonus features are actually very convenient! 

Here are some features that I really like besides changing your voice during call:

2.1 - Voice Recorder

Voice Changer Software Diamond integrates a voice recorder to the software. But don't think it's just a normal one. This one can record your voice with normal voice or changed voice, based on your choice.

voice changer with built in voice recorder change voice
Voice Changer Software Diamond with Voice Recorder.
Record audio in many voices? This is perfect!

As you can see in the photo, there are two Recording Devices:
  • Microphone (High Definition Audio Device) to record your normal voice
  • Microphone (Avsoft Virtual Audio Device) to record your changed voice

2.2 - Voice Editor

Did you know? You can design your voice masterpiece however you want with the abilities to cut/split/copy/paste/add more effects to the audio file. Reading to this, are you worrying that it will be complicated? Not at all!

I remember the first time trying this, I made a simple audio file with the voice of Darth Vader, plus breathing sound, a little squeaky footsteps background, along with some cool good-bye lines for my friend as she is about to leave the city. She was stunned and really loved it. Well, I also think my gift is way so cool, too.

Anyway, back to the topic, here is a photo in case you are curious how the feature looks:

voice changer with built in voice editor prank call sound effects
Voice Changer Software Diamond with Voice Editor

2.3 - File Morpher

And now, ladies and gentlemen, I present to you the feature that I like second-most: File Morpher. Although my most favorite feature is the ability to change your voice during call, this feature is also so great that I use even more often than voice changing.

For your information, this is the feature to help you to do two things: morph audio files and convert audio format IN BATCHES. And according to Audio4fun's website, this feature is voted by users to be the most favorite one. Of course there is a reason, let me explain.

2.3.1 - Morph audio files

For example, you recorded an audio file/have a song/ or any audio with vocal, and you want to modify the vocal. This is the one to do the job.

In the File Morpher feature's interface, you will not find the tool to morph vocal. So, how do we do that?
File Morpher will conveniently use the settings of the voice changer, including Pitch-Timbre graph, Voice Effects, Background Effects to make changes to the audio files as you wish.

Therefore, it will be very versatile when you modify the original vocal in the audio file, you can also hear the new voice before processing into a new file. Each step is done by a separated pro function, which can ensure the best quality and best user experience.

Let me show you a picture of File Morpher:

file morpher feature of voice changer software
Voice Changer Software Diamond with File Morpher
This is absolutely stunning with that it can provide.

By the way, do you see the two sliders in the photo?
They are the Volume Booster and Tempo Morpher.

  • Your audio is too small even though you increase the volume to maximum in both PC and speakers? Use Volume Booster.
  • You audio is too slow or too fast? Use Tempo Mopher.

Here is a tip, boost volume too much will decline the clearness of audio and increase/decrease tempo too much will also alter the audio vocal. I usually make changes <30% for the best quality.

2.3.2 - Convert audio format

Honestly, I strongly believe that converting is one of the must-have feature when you are working with audio tasks. In this case, Voice Changer Software Diamond can also convert audio format, in batches.

It means that you can really process many files at the same time, converting files with supported formats:
.wav, .wma, .mp3, .mp2, .aif, .au, .irc, .nist, .ape, .ogg

You can also select Sample rate, how many Channels to use, as well as Options to select output quality.

voice changer software can convert audio
Voice Changer Software Diamond to convert audio format

There are a few more features, but in my opinion, the functions I mentioned above are already enough to change your voice during call and make some fun audio files to remember.

However, if you are still curious about this software's other features, please visit:
Voice Changer Software Diamond

I bet that it's gonna be fun to try and have some calls, especially with an example: change male voice to female to prank your friends and family.

Besides, here is the list of other tutorials that you will like:

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4 - Other voice changer tutorials' collections

On the other hand, there are also two more lists of voice changer tutorials that I know you will also like:

Tutorials collection: Funny Voices

With this list, you will find the tutorials on how to change your voice to Obama, Morgan Freeman, celebrity voices and many others.

Tutorials collection: Voice Changer Tips

In here, you will find more in-depth tutorials about how to use a voice changer on PC. You will know how to use different features on Voice Changer Software Diamond, add effects to your voice, get higher quality in using voice changer during call, and many more.

Hope you like my collection.
Comment below to let me know which information you want me to write next.


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