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In this post, I will show you how to use a voice changer on PC with some useful tips and step-by-step tutorials. The program I use is Voice Changer Software Diamond, and after reading this, you will know how to make male to female voice conversion, make your voice more feminine or masculine, increase or decrease the age of your voice, and many other exciting things.

how to use a voice changer on pc useful tips
Useful tips: How to use a voice changer on PC

First of all, you can download the Voice Changer Software Diamond here:

free download voice changer software diamond

How to use a voice changer on PC

In this section, I will show you a collection of the tutorials that I wrote on how to use Voice Changer Software Diamond. This list includes many aspects, such as: the quickest way to use voice changer, how to change voice from male to female, make celebrity prank call voices, etc.

The tutorial list:

- Male to Female Voice Changer Software for PC

- Prank Call Voice Changer: including celebrity voices

- Real Time Call Voice Changer: add background effects

Other Voice Changer tutorial

I hope that you like my list of some useful tips to use Voice Changer Software Diamond above. But the thing is, there are also many great ways to use the software. For examples: change your voice to Darth Vader, use female voice changer for Discord, Moregan Freeman Skype voice changer and many others.

how to use a voice changer on PC
How to use Voice Changer Software Diamond

And so, in addition to this list, I have two other tutorial lists that you ABSOLUTELY should check out. Because, there are tons of cool stuff to do with the software.

Tutorials collection: Voice Changer while Calling

This is where you will find tutorials on how to connect Voice Changer Software Diamond with various VoIP programs like Skype, Discord, OBS stream, Android phones, iPhone calls, etc.

Tutorials collection: Funny Voices

Oh yes, this is where you will find out about the president Obama voice changer, Morgan Freeman voice changer, and many other voices.

Hope you like it.

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