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Did you know? With the right funny voices, you can boost the vibe in your Internet and iPhone calls thousands of times more exciting. And this time, I will show you the best effective way to that: making funny voices with a funny voice changer software.

how to make funny voices
Make funny voices with Voice Changer Software

I know there are many funny things to say on a prank call, but are you really confident to guarantee that it will actually be as you planned when saying with your own normal voice? That's why, I decided to collect my best tutorials of funny voice sounds into one place. Hope that you will like it.

To the main part, first of all, this is a funny voice changer for PC, and it is called Voice Changer Software Diamond. In my opinion, the software can be considered as the current top voice changer at the moment, with a huge library of free funny sound online, the ability to make a wide range of funny prank call voices, and most of all, it can be used while calling your friends on Skype, Discord or any chat program in real time.

Download Voice Changer Software Diamond here:

free download funny voice changer for pc

In case you want to know more about the software, check out the article "Voice Changer while Calling" I put down at the end of this post.

Let's get to the collection of tutorials on how to do funny voices with voice changer:

Funny voices for prank calls

In this section, I will show you the current available fun Call Voice Changer tutorials that I wrote for the software. In here, you will find out how to make funny voices, add funny sounds effects into your call, as well as some background effects in some tutorials.

- Darth Vader voice changer online

- Yoda voice changer

- Santa Claus voice changer
(If you want to download the Santa voice preset for instant use, check out the tutorial here:
Free download preset Santa voice changer)

- Optimus Prime phone call

- Prank call voice changer

- Robot voice changer online

- Voice changer Chipmunk

Make funny voices in online calls

With the tutorials above, you already got how to make funny voices with Voice Changer Software Diamond. The only thing left is to change voice during call, and the software can do that with ease. It's so easy you will be surprised.

funny voices change voice during call
Are you ready to make funny voices with this little guy here?

I also made two more collections of Voice Changer tutorial that can help you get more in-depth information about the Voice Changer Software Diamond:

Tutorials collection: Voice Changer while Calling

You will find the collection of tutorials on how to use connect the voice changer with each online chat program such as Skype, Discord, etc. There is a thorough explanation of each feature as well as related information.

Tutorials collection: Voice Changer Tips

In this list, you will know how to use Voice Changer Software Diamond in the best way, get more information about the software, as well as some more technique to get higher quality in your calls.

*Note: combine with these tutorials for funny prank call voices above, your chat will be one hell of a show to have the greatest fun with your friends and family. Awesomeness guaranteed!!! 

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