Monday, March 4, 2019

Change Voice in Google Meet with Voice Changer Software

Hi guys, in this tutorial today, I will show you how to change your voice in Google Meet with a Voice Changer Software. With this combination, you will be able to change voice during call in Google, from male to female, female to male, robot, and many other voices. Amazing, right?

Change voice in Google Meet with Voice Changer Software
Change voice in Google Meet with Voice Changer Software

1- Google Meet vs Hangouts

Google Meet is a new product of Google for video calls. The platform mainly aims for business use of all size. Is Google Meet free? Yes, it's free to a certain number of participants and size of the business. 

Google Meet has higher number of participants that can join the call at the same time, up to 100 based on which plan the customer is using. On the other hand, the Classic Hangouts only allows up to 25 participants.

For the detailed comparison between the two, you can follow this official link of Google to read more: Google Meet vs Hangouts.

2 - AV Voice Changer Software Diamond

The real time voice changer for PC

AV Voice Changer Software Diamond is the voice changer for PC that can change voice from male to female, female to male, robot, animals and many other voices. Just connect the software to Google Meet and you are ready to have fun talking with different voices.

Moreover, it;s not just a voice changer real time, AV Voice Changer Software Diamond can also help you edit audio with Audio Editor, morph vocal of pre-recorded audio files and then convert to different audio formats with File Morpher.

voice changer software diamond
AV Voice Changer Software Diamond

There are other interesting features such as Voice Comparator, Voice Analyzer, Parody Maker, etc. along with the library of more than a hundred voice effects, background effects and more.

You can download the program at:

(Source: Official Website of

The best voice changer software

AV Voice Changer Software Diamond is the voice changer that can be considered as the best Voice Changer Software in the current market. Why? Based on my own experience after using some popular programs, this one suits me the best with:
  • The best voice quality, which is as real as possible with different settings. I have also used other programs, but the quality is not as clear and sounds real as this voice changer software.
  • Interface with detailed features. It took me only a few seconds to get used to the basic features and a few days to explore the other features. When combining all features, the sound output is amazing.
  • It can do audio editing: I can record my changed voice, edit/cut/split/add effects and then save or convert to many different audio formats.

Two features that you will use when using voice changer for Google Meet:

Feature 1: Nickvoices

This will be the main feature that you use most of the time: change voice in just one click. These are the ready-to-use presets to help you conveniently change your voice effortlessly. 

Isn't it cool that there are so many to choose from? I'll tell you, the other programs really do not have this much presets.

voice changer software diamond
Use Voice Changer Software Diamond for Google Meet

Feature 2: Voice Effects

This one is the bomb! Many effects to choose from and the effects are very real. You can choose Voice Effects, Background Effects, Non Human Voices and Other.

  • Voice Effects: add vocal effects (Behind the wall, Radio, etc.)
  • Background Effects: sound like you are at a certain place (Airport, Traffic Jam, etc.)
  • Non Human Voices: when you talk, you will sound like a bear, bird, cow, dog, etc.
  • Other: this is the one that I use the most - Equalizer. This one enhances your voice by changing different Hz values. It makes dramatically changes to the vocal and very effective. 

Voice Effects of Voice Changer Software Diamond
Voice Effects of Voice Changer Software Diamond 

Did you know? Voice Effects feature also has ready-to-use presets which are called Make-ups (Breathy, Hoarse, etc.). This is very convenient when you change voice in Google Meet, just a click and have the desired effects. 

Make-ups: ready-to-use Voice Effects

3 - How to disguise your voice in Google Meet with Voice Changer

To change voice in Google Meet with Voice Changer Software, simply connect the two as below steps.
- Access on your Internet browser
- Login to your Google account.
- Select the Settings icon (1) on the top right corner
- Select Microphone (Avsoft Virtual Audio Device) (2) as your main Microphone.

Voice Changer for Google Meet
Voice Changer for Google Meet

That's it guys.
You are ready to make a fun talk already. Just join a call and see how it goes.

Download Voice Changer Software via the button below:

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