Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Amazingly Simple VOIP Voice Changer for Funny Calls

How to change your voice in VoIP calls
How to change your voice in VoIP calls

Online calls, internet calling or more specifically, VoIP calls are the new way to communicate with other people in the age of technology. However, these free internet calls will be even better with a VOIP voice changer. Isn't it cool if you can call your best friends and have fun changing your voice to Justine Bieber, Ariana Grande, Batman, Morgan Freeman, Barack Obama, Darth Vader and more? There is nothing difficult here, anyone can change their voice very easily, believe me.

I'm sure with this guide from Call Voice Changer, you will absolutely talk to your friends and family better than Mariah Carey in NYE performance. Confidently start your calls with celebrity voices without worrying about anything, disguise your voice, prank your fellow friends and even record the funny conversations to watch again later.

"That sounds cool, but I hate complicated steps to change my voice."

No worries, I have used quiet a few voice changers, but AV Voice Changer Software Diamond proves to be very easy to use with its features, effective and powerful but very simple. I will show you some tricks to make your communication in instant messengers or various VoIP applications to a whole level of creativeness and fun.

The fist step is that you have to download the software via this button below:

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Trick 1: Change your voice in one click

- How to change your voice in just one click? That sounds impossible, isn't it? But trust me, one click is all it needs for this software to change your voice to different voices.

- Open AV Voice Changer Software Diamond, take a look at the menu on the right panel, you will see Nickvoice.

Voip voice changer with Nickvoices
Voip voice changer with Nickvoices

- With Nickvoices, you can choose and apply ready-to-use voice presets within the software, from male to female, female to male, animals and movie voices like ghost, robot, dog, cat, etc.

- Remember: the awesome thing is that you can come to Add-on store for more free Nickvoices. This way, you will have more unique presets of famous people and movie characters. Fantastic, right?

Still have questions and wonder how many Nickvoice there are within the software? Check this guide: How to Use Nickvoices for Funny Talks - Call Voice Changer Review

Trick 2: Best VOIP voice changer with manual Pitch and Timbre

This is the most  creative way and also the best way to change your voice. You are in total control of every fundamental attributes of your voice. Adjust your Pitch and Timbre, add effects, decorate more "color" to your voice and more. We are talking about the Voice Mopher feature, aka the whole right panel of the software.

There are many sound effects, voice effects, audio effects and background effects to choose from. You can also find more effects from the Add-on store and apply. In my opinion, this is the trick that will bring the most satisfaction to you. The possibilities are limitless.

Take a look at the picture, you will see:
1: Pitch and Timbre graph: change the fundamentals of a human voice
2: Voice Beautifying: add vocal effects to your voice.
3: Effects: More audio and background effects

Are you still confused? Check this guide on how to use the effects: Polish your voice with special effects of Voice Changer Diamond 9

Connect voice changer with VoIP calls

The first preparation is done, now is the time to connect AV Voice Changer Software Diamond to a VoIP program. It can be used with most of current voice and video chat software such as Discord, Skype, Viber, Facebook chat, Google Hangouts, AIM, TeamSpeak, Ventrilo, Curse, etc.

Step 1: Select VOIP voice changer's settings

voip voice changer preferences
voip voice changer preferences

- Click Preferences
- Choose Virtual driver Mode (1)
- Click OK (2)

Step 2: Change audio settings in your VoIP

Each program will have its way to change the audio settings. In this guide, we will take Viber as the example.

Viber settings

- Go to Viber Settings.
- Under Audio & Video tab (3), choose Audio Input as Microphone (Avsoft Virtual Audio Device) (4)
- Click OK (5)

Now, enjoy your VoIP calls with voice changer. However, Did you know?
You can also change your voice in phone calls too. Check this tutorial Voice changer app for iPhone.