Monday, December 24, 2018

Santa Voice Changer for the Best Santa Call

Santa voice changer for Santa call
Santa voice changer for Santa call

It's that time of the year already - Christmas is around the corner, and do you have any idea to celebrate for this year yet? A Santa voice changer may be your best Christmas idea this year. Instead of the normal decorations, food or traditional customs, this will probably one of the best secret Santa gifts to your friends and family - a call from Santa. No need for a soundboard, you can talk like Santa, make some Santa voice-over, speak with friends in real time or tell a Christmas story in Santa voice, just to name a few Christmas activities.

You know what? I really think that anyone can bring happiness to those children with one of the best  secret Santa gifts - a call, a message from Santa. Isn't it the best to an online Santa, call the kids in Santa voice, with holiday sounds and a costume using Skype, Facebook, Google Hangouts or any Internet calling program? In this post, you will know how to make your voice sound like exactly Santa with FREE Santa voice preset, extremely easy. Anyone who listens to this will absolutely feel merry, light-hearted and enjoy the holy night with a bright smile. You can even make someone laugh with the funniest idea for a Christmas prank call.

change voice to santa
Call your little members of  the family: "Have you been good this year?"

We all know that Mr Christmas always brings joy and happiness to all the people in the world, especially the children. They try to be good, put wishes to Santa and leave the sock at the Christmas tree in hope of a gift after a good night sleep. But the world is changing, the fun and excitement does not only exist in reality but also in the digital Internet, cyberspace. Forget about Santa Tracker, because we are talking about Santa Voice Changer - make your own version of a funny Christmas. You can do so much with this software.

Download the free Santa voice

- First of all, you will need the Santa Claus's voice
Do not worry if you don't know how to use it, I will tell you the secret to the best voice imitation of Santa right here.

Step 1: Open Voice Changer Software

- If you don't have the Voice Changer Software Diamond yet, then freely download here.
- After installing and opening the main panel, you will the options to change your voice. It looks complicated at first, right? DO NOT PANIC, you actually don't need to understand all of them. Take a look at step 2, and you will utter the magic word "wow, so easy".

Step 2: Load Santa's voice

- Remember the Santa Claus's voice you downloaded before? Now, it's time to open your way to the best Santa call.
- Click on Load. The Open dialog box will appear.

In Open dialog box:
- Choose the Santa.nvc file
- Click Open

Step 3: How to make a Santa call

You got the voice. Here is how you make the Santa call to your friends and family. 
- This voice changer can connect with most of VoIP programs from Skype, Viber, Facebook chat, Google Hangouts, Teamspeak to Curse and many more. 
- Visit How to connect Voice Changer to Instant Messengers & VoIP Apps, you will get the step-by-step tutorials to connect voice changer to each program.

Santa Claus say it's awesome

Not just Santa voice, but hundreds of possibilities
- Even if you want to have more voices than just a voice of Santa, there are hundreds of options for you to choose. It can also imitate the voices of famous celebrities and perfect for the Best prank call Voice Changer with celebrity voices. You can absolutely sound like Obama, Organ Freeman, Darth Vader to Chipmunk and many other famous voices.

- Did you know? Voice Changer can also disguise your voice while making iPhone calls.

And yes, is this enough for the best Santa call? I believe so, It can even change your voice in actual phone call, which can not be done by many other apps, how cool is that? Moreover, you will have hundreds of other voices to choose to refresh the Christmas spirit beside Santa's voice.

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Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Amazingly Simple VOIP Voice Changer for Funny Calls

How to change your voice in VoIP calls
How to change your voice in VoIP calls

Online calls, internet calling or more specifically, VoIP calls are the new way to communicate with other people in the age of technology. However, these free internet calls will be even better with a VOIP voice changer. Isn't it cool if you can call your best friends and have fun changing your voice to Justine Bieber, Ariana Grande, Batman, Morgan Freeman, Barack Obama, Darth Vader and more? There is nothing difficult here, anyone can change their voice very easily, believe me.

I'm sure with this guide from Call Voice Changer, you will absolutely talk to your friends and family better than Mariah Carey in NYE performance. Confidently start your calls with celebrity voices without worrying about anything, disguise your voice, prank your fellow friends and even record the funny conversations to watch again later.

"That sounds cool, but I hate complicated steps to change my voice."

No worries, I have used quiet a few voice changers, but AV Voice Changer Software Diamond proves to be very easy to use with its features, effective and powerful but very simple. I will show you some tricks to make your communication in instant messengers or various VoIP applications to a whole level of creativeness and fun.

The fist step is that you have to download the software via this button below:

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Trick 1: Change your voice in one click

- How to change your voice in just one click? That sounds impossible, isn't it? But trust me, one click is all it needs for this software to change your voice to different voices.

- Open AV Voice Changer Software Diamond, take a look at the menu on the right panel, you will see Nickvoice.

Voip voice changer with Nickvoices
Voip voice changer with Nickvoices

- With Nickvoices, you can choose and apply ready-to-use voice presets within the software, from male to female, female to male, animals and movie voices like ghost, robot, dog, cat, etc.

- Remember: the awesome thing is that you can come to Add-on store for more free Nickvoices. This way, you will have more unique presets of famous people and movie characters. Fantastic, right?

Still have questions and wonder how many Nickvoice there are within the software? Check this guide: How to Use Nickvoices for Funny Talks - Call Voice Changer Review

Trick 2: Best VOIP voice changer with manual Pitch and Timbre

This is the most  creative way and also the best way to change your voice. You are in total control of every fundamental attributes of your voice. Adjust your Pitch and Timbre, add effects, decorate more "color" to your voice and more. We are talking about the Voice Mopher feature, aka the whole right panel of the software.

There are many sound effects, voice effects, audio effects and background effects to choose from. You can also find more effects from the Add-on store and apply. In my opinion, this is the trick that will bring the most satisfaction to you. The possibilities are limitless.

Take a look at the picture, you will see:
1: Pitch and Timbre graph: change the fundamentals of a human voice
2: Voice Beautifying: add vocal effects to your voice.
3: Effects: More audio and background effects

Are you still confused? Check this guide on how to use the effects: Polish your voice with special effects of Voice Changer Diamond 9

Connect voice changer with VoIP calls

The first preparation is done, now is the time to connect AV Voice Changer Software Diamond to a VoIP program. It can be used with most of current voice and video chat software such as Discord, Skype, Viber, Facebook chat, Google Hangouts, AIM, TeamSpeak, Ventrilo, Curse, etc.

Step 1: Select VOIP voice changer's settings

voip voice changer preferences
voip voice changer preferences

- Click Preferences
- Choose Virtual driver Mode (1)
- Click OK (2)

Step 2: Change audio settings in your VoIP

Each program will have its way to change the audio settings. In this guide, we will take Viber as the example.

Viber settings

- Go to Viber Settings.
- Under Audio & Video tab (3), choose Audio Input as Microphone (Avsoft Virtual Audio Device) (4)
- Click OK (5)

Now, enjoy your VoIP calls with voice changer. However, Did you know?
You can also change your voice in phone calls too. Check this tutorial Voice changer app for iPhone.


Thursday, August 23, 2018

LINE Voice Changer Calling

LINE voice changer calling
LINE voice changer calling

LINE voice changer is absolutely a fun software to chat and change your voice in real time for a perfect LINE call. In this tutorial, Call Voice Changer will show you how to make a call in LINE, but in a fun way that anyone will be surprised "This is so cool".

Imagine, when a friend of yours picks up a LINE call from you, and hear the voice of... Chipmunks, Minions, Darth Vader or even simply just the opposite gender. That's right, this is be a very exciting call. Jazz up your chats, but with "your own voices" and have some fun talking to everyone

The software that we are going to use is called AV Voice Changer Software Diamond 9.5, and this one is currently considered as the best in market. With this voice changer, you will be able to change your voice in real time, record your voice and edit it with effects, cut/split/mix pre-recorded audio files and convert them into various formats. It can be connected to LINE very easily and the Voice Morpher is just amazing for an Internet call.

Step 1: LINE for PC and voice changer free download

- Download LINE for PC from:
- Free download voice changer from:

Here are also a few voice changer tutorials you may like to use with LINE:

>> The Coolest Darth Vader Voice Changer with Breathing Sound

>> 3 Steps To Troll Your Friends With Yoda Voice

Step 2: Prepare LINE voice changer

- Open Line voice changer
- On main panel, select Preferences (1)
- In the new VCS Preferences window, choose Virtual driver Mode (2)
- Click OK (3)

Prepare LINE voice changer
Prepare LINE voice changer

Step 3: LINE Settings

- Launch LINE.
- Select the Settings icon on the left bottom.
- Choose Settings

LINE settings
LINE settings

In the new Settings window:
- Choose the Call tab
- Select Microphone (Avsoft Virtual Audio Device) for your Microphone Settings
- Close the window

LINE settings for voice changer

Step 4: LINE voice changer calling

In this step, the only thing left to do is that: choose a voice settings you like in AV Voice Changer Software Diamond 9.5 and start a funny voice chat.

AV Voice changer Software can be used in many ways and in this tutorial, we will show you the two main ways to change voice in a LINE call, for a real time talk.

LINE voice changer calling in one click:
To change your voice in one click, simply choose the built-in voice presets called "Nickvoices". 

There are many ready-to-use presets such as: male to female, female to male, non-human voices, and movie making voices.

With just one click, you will be able to change your voice to a preset you like, easily to change preset and most of all, effortless but effective for a real time talk.

LINE voice changer calling in one click
LINE voice changer calling in one click

LINE voice changer calling with creativity:
This method will be the most creative one to change your voice for a real time LINE talk.

- Voice Morpher with Pitch-Timbre graph will help you change your age and gender. You can freely change your voice to sound like young boy, a sweet woman, grandma, even Morgan Freeman, Chipmunks, Darth Vader, etc.
- Voice Effects with a huge library of voice effects, background effects, equalizer and many other useful effects. Just imagine telling your friends that you are in a traffic jam, the beach, bus station or many other places. Or you can put background music, animal voices to your talk. The possibilities are limitless.
- Voice Beautifying will be a great tool to improve voice quality and even form an accent with different settings of human's formants.

LINE voice changer calling with creativity
LINE voice changer calling with creativity

Step 5: Start your LINE calling with voice changer

And now, when the magic has been applied to your voice, it's time to make a fantastic call to your friends and family. Have fun and enjoy.

Download LINE voice changer calling at:

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Saturday, June 23, 2018

Funny TeamSpeak 3 Voice Chat with Call Voice Changer

TeamSpeak voice changer
TeamSpeak voice changer

In this tutorial, Call Voice Changer will show you how to use TeamSpeak 3, but differently, to have a very funny talk. Everyone will be amazed and laugh so hard that the conversation just naturally becomes a chatting topic for a very long time. Your games will be light-hearted as they will ever be.

Have you ever imagined your voice to be different? With AV Voice Changer Software Diamond 9.5 (VCSD9.5), you will sound like Batman, Morgan Freeman, President Obama, a little girl or just like an old grandma. You can prank your friends, have more fun talking to other gaming teammates or simply disguising your voice while playing. How could we miss something this cool?

Helpful article:

Want something else other than TeamSpeak?
>> Check out voice changer for Discord

Step 1: Turn on Virtual Audio Device mode in VCSD9.5

- On main panel, choose Preferences (1)
In VCS Preferences window, select Virtual driver Mode (2).
- Click OK (3). 

Step 2: Change Audio Settings in TeamSpeak 3

- Run TeamSpeak Client.

- Click Settings (1)

- Choose Options (2) to open TeamSpeak's Options dialog box.

- In the Options dialog box, choose Capture (3).

- In the Capture section, choose Microphone (Avsoft Virtual Audio Device) for Capture Device (4).

- Click OK (5).

Step 3: Prepare your voice in VCSD9.5

Go to main panel of Voice Changer Software Diamond 9, choose your favorite voice morphing solution.
You can use ready-to-use Nickvoices for fast modification. They are the built-in voice presets to help you change voice fast to a male or female with different age. There are also non-human voices to explore.
The other way is Voice Morpher feature, for more creative editing. You can change your Pitch and Timbre to sound higher or lower, younger or older; and apply special audio effects for a more natural voice in different situations. Remember to diversify your voice changes with Voice Effects and Voice Beautifying.

Step 4: Start you funny TeamSpeak 3 voice chat

And now, start your funny call in TeamSpeak 3 with different voices and amaze everyone else. They will be surprised. "President Obama is talking to you." Why not?

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Monday, April 23, 2018

Get Higher Quality Voice With Call Voice Changer

Call Voice Changer To Polish Your Voice Far Better

Call voice changer now offers you a better vowel enhancing feature to help you speak in fake voices in the most natural and quickest way!

Thanks to voice changer software, we can easily sound differently in voice chats. People take advantage of this program to entertain with their friends online. For examples, making prank calls, speaking in famous voices, and dubbing voices for their favorite movies

If you ever use call voice changer software, you may know its capability of voice modification and manipulation. And what makes it stand out among other voice changers, is the one-and-only Vowel Enhancer that polishes your fake voice to make it sound natural. With the new version updated - AV Voice Changer Software Diamond 9.5, call voice changer will absolutely wow you even more with this cool feature. 

Let's take a look at new Vowel Enhancer:

Vowel Enhancer

In the old versions, there were more settings for you to adjust. However, the new call voice changer now includes only 2 things: Formant pitch and Smooth level. 

The question is... "How come less settings have more effects on your voice?

Well, any slight change you make on one of these two sliders can make a clear difference. You don't have to adjust so many things for a desired output anymore. We develop the software so that it can bring a wider variety of choices, with less adjustments, thanks to the new voice algorithm. Therefore, the new call voice changer can now shorten your morphing process, with a far better result.

Download the upgraded call voice changer below and tell us your own experience.

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Monday, March 12, 2018

Twitch Voice Changer for Streaming - Best Fun Ever

Twitch voice changer for streaming
Twitch voice changer for streaming

How can a streamer improve a streaming section to be more enjoyable? It's a hard question, I know that feeling too, buddy. Twitch voice changer for streaming is a good way for me. There are many things you can do on your Twitch streaming,  but this voice changer software will completely change the way you stream.

In this tutorial, Call Voice Changer will show you how you will use this Twitch voice changer for streaming. Just like what it's called, you will have fun while streaming with the voice of Chipmunk, Morgan Freeman, a sweet lady, or any voice.

What is Twitch voice changer?

I know, you are wondering what kind of software that we are going to use in order to change voice while streaming. Here is the answer, this is one of the best software that I could find on the voice changer market - Voice Changer Software Diamond.

This is the software that can change your voice in real time, mimic a female voice, a grandpa, sweet woman, baby boy, even famous voices of Morgan Freeman, Chipmunk, etc.

Moreover, you will also be able to edit audio files with the built-in Audio Editor, File Morpher, and many other tools to assist both audio editing tasks and voice morphing tasks. Read more.

Download the software via the button below:

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So, how are we gonna use voice changer for streaming?
In this tutorial, I will show you how to connect Voice Changer Software Diamond 9.5 with Twitch Desktop voice and video calls.

Step 1: Voice Changer Software Diamond settings

First of all, you will need to choose the mode in Voice Changer Software Diamond.
- Launch Voice Changer Software Diamond
- On main panel, select Preferences menu (1)

In the VCS Preferences window:
- Choose Virtual driver Mode (2).
- Click OK (3)

Twitch Voice Changer Software Diamond settings
Voice Changer Software Diamond settings

With Virtual driver Mode, the software will be able to focus solely on the program it is connected to, therefore, the sound quality can be improved tremendously. For example, it's more sensitive to the input and can capture most of the sound from your microphone.

Step 2: Prepare your voice in Voice Changer Software Diamond 9.5

And now, here is the interesting part. Change your voice to any voice you want with the Voice Changer Software Diamond.

Method 1:

There are many ways, and you are free to adjust however you like it. However, let's start with the basic of basics: Nickvoices. 

Nickvoices are one of the main settings you will usually use when changing voice. With just one click, you can change your voice based on the built-in ready-to-use voice preset that you choose. For example, you can change your voice to a boy, a middle aged man, grandpa, a baby girl, a sweet girl, grandma, etc., even animal voices.

In order to learn how to use Nickvoices, check out this tutorial:

>> How to Use Nickvoices for Funny Talks 

Nickvoices for Twitch voice changer
Nickvoices for Twitch voice changer

Method 2:

Okay, you have been doing great. After trying a few nickvoices, how do you feel?
It's good, right? But did you know? You can even adjust more settings to your own taste with various voice settings, voice effects, background effects, voice beautifying features, etc.

Wait a minute, don't panic with those words. It's actually very easy to follow. Once you know that these buttons are for, things will get pretty simple, perfect for a Twitch stream with various unique voices.

Twitch Voice Changer Software
Twitch Voice Changer Software

First of all, see that graph at the main panel?

Pitch-Timbre graph:
- This is the main part, sometimes, you just need to adjust this setting and it's enough to achieve a voice you want.
- Pitch is how you will sound: higher or lower. Thus, you can control the gender of your voice.
- Timbre decides the age of your voice.
- Format Pitch: only adjust when necessary. This is a tool that makes your morphed voice to be more natural in case it sounds robotic.

Got it? That was the main part. Now, to the decoration for your voice.

Voice Effects
- No need to talk much about this feature, right? You can add voice effects, background effects and many others.
- Each effect can be adjusted so that you can get the best suitable according to your need. Perfect for a squishy Twitch streaming section.

Twitch voice changer with Voice Effect settings
Twitch voice changer with Voice Effect settings

Voice Beautifying
This is the feature that can help you improve the voice even better.
Making changes to the four sliders can lead you to various characteristics of your voice. For example, making it more creaky, soft talking, rough, dry, etc.

I hope that you get the gist of this software now. Just try a few times and you know how to do it.

Still not clear? No worries, check out this tutorial to see how to change your voice male to female. You will see the settings explained in more details.

>> Male to Female Voice Changer Software

Step 3: Connect Twitch voice changer for streaming

- Launch Twitch desktop app and log into your account.

Log in to Twitch
Log in to Twitch

- After logging in, you will be at the main panel. See that button at the right corner?
- Select that button (1) and choose Settings (2)

Settings of Twitch
Settings of Twitch

In the new Settings window:
- Select Audio/Video tab (3)
- In Microphone section, select Microphone (Avsoft Virtual Audio Device) (4) as your Device.
- Click Done (5)

Twitch voice changer microphone device
Twitch voice changer microphone device

Starting from this point, Voice Changer Software Diamond will be the main input for your Twitch stream. Whatever voices you use in Voice Changer Software Diamond will be your voice when talking in Twitch.

Step 4: Let the fun begin with Twitch voice changer

And now, it's time to show your new voice to the online community. Make voice calls with Twitch and have fun with your games. Incredibly fun, I mean!!!

Download the software via this button:

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Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Make Quick Funny Calls With Ready-to-use Nickvoices

Make Quick Funny Calls With Ready-to-use Nickvoices

Changing voice is a not an easy thing, morphing to get the voice you want is more complicated. But call voice changer can make both tasks just a "piece of cake" for you!

Call voice changer is one of the best voice changer software that owns the professional ability to manipulate the user's voice easily, for both offline audio projects and online ones like changing voice while calling with iphone, imitating popular characters' voices (for examples: Yoda's voice, Optimus Prime's voice or Chipmunk).

The best part of this voice changer is its huge list of built-in "nickvoices" that allows everyone to achieve the target voice in just one click. Nickvoices are preset audio voice output designed, based on popular demand, including:

Female to male nickvoices

Male to female nickvoices

Nickvoices for movie maker

Non-human nickvoices

Voice Effects

With more than a hundred effects, all you need to to is to click on your favorite one, speak to the microphone, and start your prank calls without complicated morphing processes.

More information can be found at: AV Voice Changer Software Diamond

Check out other tips to maximize your fun while using call voice changer in online voice chat: