Thursday, November 30, 2017

Mimic Santa Voice with Santa Claus Voice Changer

mimic santa voice with Santa Claus voice changer
Mimic Santa voice with Santa Claus voice changer

Yo ho ho ho! A cheerful Santa voice is always the key to fulfill a warm, happy Christmas spirit. And did you know? With a Santa voice changer, anyone can mimic Santa voice with just a few clicks.

In this tutorial today, Call Voice Changer will show you how to mimic Santa Claus voice with a Santa  Claus voice changer. Light up your family moments by wearing Santa clothes, talking like him, sing like him record a Santa message for everyone, or simply making a Skype call.

What is Santa Claus voice changer?

Are you curious, what are we going to use to mimic a Santa voice? 

This is the software that can help you change your voice and talk like Santa Claus. You will be able to completely imitate Santa, with a Santa red suit on, Santa hat and it's just amazingly simple to be perfect. 

Talk with your friends, family via Skype in real time, apply more Christmas background sounds and effects to make your calls full of playful Christmas spirit and warm feelings. 

What else? You can also record a Santa speech, mix with Christmas songs, Christmas effects and then, open the message when your family member are gathering around for a dinner full of happiness.

Download the voice changer software via the link below:

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Step 1: Santa Claus voice changer settings

- Launch Voice Changer Software Diamond.
- On the main panel, you will see the Pitch-Timbre graph
- Select Pitch 61% and Timbre 87%. This set of values works best for me.

*Note: as each person will have a unique set of characteristics for their own voice, the value of Santa Claus voice changer settings above may be different in your case. Therefore, you can adjust a little more to achieve the kind of Santa voice you like, you can even get a better voice this way.

Santa voice changer settings

 Step 2: Enhance Santa Claus voice quality

In Voice Changer Software Diamond, even after successfully mimic Santa Claus voice, you cam also improve the voice quality with the settings below:

- On the main panel, take a look at Voice Beautifying, select Advanced button
- Select Reduction 170 and Threshold 12.3, these are the parameters to control Noise Reduction.

*Note: You can adjust Reduction and Threshold a little more to get the optimum settings for your voice.

- Click Apply and then OK. 

Improve Santa voice quality

Step 3: Download more effects for Santa voice changer

Did you know? Voice Changer Software Diamond actually has an Add-on Store for you to download a bunch of free voice effects, sound effects, background effects and sound packs.

In this tutorial, we will show you a few add-ons that are very useful when you mimic Santa voice. Light up your Santa show with these effects:

- Xmas Nickvoices

Voice Effects:
- Xmas Voice Effects

Background effects:
- Xmas Traditional Sound
- Christmas Sound
- Christmas Songs 2010
- Christmas 2010 and New Year 2011 Sounds

Good luck and enjoy. To download Voice Changer Software Diamond, follow this button:

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Friday, November 3, 2017

Make Awesome Prank Call Voices with Call Voice Changer

Prank call voices with Call Voice Changer
Prank call voices with Call Voice Changer

If you are looking for a way to pull a good fake call prank with prank call voices, no need to look for the solution anymore. Call Voice Changer will help you.

A girl voice changer? A male voice changer? Or a prank call app? Why not all of them! This simple voice changer will be the best tool out there you ever find with all of the options to let you freely change your voice, make some funny pranks in real time, and what's more, record and edit audio files.

We are talking about the Voice Changer Software Diamond 9.5. You can freely download the software via the link below:

Where to use Voice Changer and prank calls?

>> Use Voice Changer for Discord

>> Other chat software: VOIP Voice Changer for Funny Calls

Main features of Voice Changer Software Diamond 9.5

This voice changer software is literally a masterpiece to produce prank call voices when talking in real time. There are so many options to choose from and many settings to increase the voice quality.

With the Pitch-Timbre graph, you can control the age and gender of your voice. You may not believe it but this voice changer can transform the characteristics of your voice from male to female, a baby or an old grandpa. Whatever you choose, simply drag the pointer in the graph and feel the differences.

Pitch-Timbre graph

What's more, if your voice if the main ingredient for the prank call voices, then you can add more spices with Voice Effects. Yes, did you know? you can add the background effects just like you are at a bus station, the ocean, stuck in a traffic jam and more.
You can even make your voice sound more like being transmitted via a radio, in a room, a dry voice, sweet voice and many other filters.

The awesome prank call voices can be made with even more materials. And we are talking about Voice Beautifying. This feature can sharpen your voice, alter the way you pronounce the vowels and thus, sometimes it can even make new accents.

Voice Changer Software Diamond for prank call voices
Voice Changer Software Diamond for prank call voices

Some prank call voices you can use with Call Voice Changer

Want to see some example of prank call voices? We have a few ideas for you.

Make a Skype call to your friend:

- Hi Selene, it's me, Justy.
- Oh hi, how are you.
- I'm still good. But I have a new friend that I want to show you.

*Change voice to a dog and say something.

- Wow, so cute. Can I meet him, you new friend?
- Yeah sure. And by the way, for get this weekend, we should meet on Monday.

Prank call voices can bring you to success
Prank call voices can bring you to success

Here are some add-ons for prank call voices you may like

Scary prank call voices:

There are many things you can try with this voice changer software. From the built-in library of effects, you already have hundreds of voice effects, filters, background effects and more. The combination is just so much that you will always be able to make something new every time.

Some Sound packs for prank call voices:

For Male Input Voice with many female and other voices

Background effects for prank call voices:

That's it, guys. In order to use these awesome sound packs, effects and prank call voices, you will need to download Voice Changer Software Diamond 9.5:

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