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Voice Changer During Call for Android from PC to Phone

Voice Changer During Call for Android from PC to Phone
Voice Changer During Call for Android from PC to Phone

Voice changer during call for Android
will be the main topic for today, and we will show you from "a to z" how to use this voice changer for Android, configure settings and use it during calls. If you want to enjoy a super fun prank calls, shake things up in conversations with friends and family, or simply have fun with your own voice, this is where you will find the finest voice changer of all to turn your PC into an Android voice changer.

In this tutorial, Call Voice Changer will show you the solution to turn your phone into an Android voice changer and make online calls to other Android phones. You just need to have AV Voice Changer Software Diamond 9.5, an Android emulator, and Internet connection. In case you wonder what is an Android emulator, we will explain below.

With this combination, you will be able to make real time calls with the voices of Darth Vader, Yoda, Optimus Prime or simply change your voice from male to female, a girl, a sweet woman, even a grandma. Just talk, and the rest will be handled beautifully with voice changer software. Your voice will be morphed instantly in real time, what's more, you can add crazy voice effects, background effects and many more for an enormous fun with your friends and even strangers.

To download the software, you can use this link below to quickly download from

What is Android emulator?

Android emulator is the software that simulates a device and display it on your computer. With Android emulator, you will be able to run Android apps on your computer with ease and it lets you use apps, play mobile games, even develop and test applications without using an Android mobile device.

android on Pc
Android on PC, I don't need a phone anymore!

There are many good Android emulator for you to choose, such as BluestacksKoplayer or Nox and many others. However, in the tutorial today, we will pick Bluestacks as an example. Please rest assured that you can apply the same steps for other Android emulators.

Bluestacks 3 for Android voice changer during calls
Bluestacks 3 for Android voice changer during calls

Do you see the tab "MY APPS"? That is where you will find your apps. It's just like using a real Android phone, as you can go to Google Play Store and download any app you want. That is also how you will download a chat app to use in this tutorial, Discord, Skype, Viber, any communication app.

Call voice changer for Android

We will use AV Voice Changer Software Diamond 9.5 to change your voice in real time call Android from PC to phone.

- On main panel, choose Preferences (1)
- In VCS Preferences window, select Virtual driver Mode (2)
- Click OK (3)

voice changer for Android preferences
voice changer for Android preferences

The reason we use this mode is because it will focus solely on the application running with voice changer and thus, capture the voice better. This way, voice quality will be improved a whole lot better. I believe this is a very good feature and it seems to be quiet unique. Because personally, I search for many other voice changers but they still do not have or are very limited about this kind of voice algorithm.

Audio settings to use Android voice changer 

And now, this is the part that we make this voice changer software able to function in real time calls for Android.

- On your Desktop, right-click on the Speakers icon on the system tray at the bottom right corner.
- Choose Recording Devices.

recording devices for android voice changer
Recording devices

- In Sound window, select Recording tab.
- Choose Microphone (Avsoft Virtual Audio Device).
- Select Set Default
- And then, click OK to close the window.

Set Default audio device for Android voice changer
Set Default audio device for Android voice changer

From now, what you say into the microphone of your computer will be captured and morphed by AV Voice Changer Software Diamond 9.5.

Adjust male to female voice changer during call for android, and more.

And now, this is the step that I show you how to change voice during call Android from PC to phone. There are two ways to use this voice changer, one is extremely easy and one is the best creative way to make full use of the software.

The easy way to change voice:
- In Av Voice Changer Software Diamond 9.5, select Nickvoices. These are the ready-to-use voice preset to help you change voice from male to female, female to male, animal voices and other film making voices.
- The best thing about this is that, this software has a bunch of nickvoices to use, and you can change your voice with just one click, very handy and easy to use.

Male to female voice changer during call for Android
Male to female voice changer during call for Android

The best creative way to use this Android voice changer:
- To make full use out of this voice changer, you can use its main feature: Voice Morpher.
- Voice Morpher has three parts with different functionalities:

  • Pitch-Timbre graph: change the age and gender of your voice.
  • Voice Effects: add more audio effects, background effects and control Equalizer.
  • Voice Beautifying: further improve voice quality and partially form an accent in some cases.

To understand more about this, you can go to the Support Center of the company for more tutorials. I also think this is the best way, as there are many other tutorials to show you how to change your voice to many famous people and characters such as Darth Vader, Morgan Freeman, Chipmunks, etc.

Start using real time call voice changer Android

The final step, you just have to run Bluestacks, pick and download your favorite VoIP apps, games or anything in Android that can help you communicate with other people via voice chat and start talking with your friends. Even more, you can make livestreams of Android games on Twitch without a phone, and talk in different voices. COOL! isn't it?

But first, let me take a ..., ah no. The first thing in this step is that you need to sign in your Google account. After download Bluestacks, install and run the Android emulator, you can configure some settings for your computer and sign in with Google.

Bluestacks sign in
Bluestacks sign in Google account

And then? Bluestacks windows is serving as a virtual Android device, that means you can download an app from Playstore and install. Although this tutorial from Bluestacks if for Bluestacks 2, it can also be applied for Bluestacks 3.

>> How to install an app in Bluestacks

After installing the apps you want, you just need to run an app that has voice chat and start talking with other people, voice changer during call for Android will automatically morph your voice with effects in real time.

Have fun and enjoy. You can download the voice changer software here:

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Thursday, November 30, 2017

Mimic Santa Voice with Santa Claus Voice Changer

mimic santa voice with Santa Claus voice changer
Mimic Santa voice with Santa Claus voice changer

Yo ho ho ho! A cheerful Santa voice is always the key to fulfill a warm, happy Christmas spirit. And did you know? With a Santa voice changer, anyone can mimic Santa voice with just a few clicks.

In this tutorial today, Call Voice Changer will show you how to mimic Santa Claus voice with a Santa  Claus voice changer. Light up your family moments by wearing Santa clothes, talking like him, sing like him record a Santa message for everyone, or simply making a Skype call.

What is Santa Claus voice changer?

Are you curious, what are we going to use to mimic a Santa voice? 

This is the software that can help you change your voice and talk like Santa Claus. You will be able to completely imitate Santa, with a Santa red suit on, Santa hat and it's just amazingly simple to be perfect. 

Talk with your friends, family via Skype in real time, apply more Christmas background sounds and effects to make your calls full of playful Christmas spirit and warm feelings. 

What else? You can also record a Santa speech, mix with Christmas songs, Christmas effects and then, open the message when your family member are gathering around for a dinner full of happiness.

Download the voice changer software via the link below:

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Step 1: Santa Claus voice changer settings

- Launch Voice Changer Software Diamond.
- On the main panel, you will see the Pitch-Timbre graph
- Select Pitch 61% and Timbre 87%. This set of values works best for me.

*Note: as each person will have a unique set of characteristics for their own voice, the value of Santa Claus voice changer settings above may be different in your case. Therefore, you can adjust a little more to achieve the kind of Santa voice you like, you can even get a better voice this way.

Santa voice changer settings

 Step 2: Enhance Santa Claus voice quality

In Voice Changer Software Diamond, even after successfully mimic Santa Claus voice, you cam also improve the voice quality with the settings below:

- On the main panel, take a look at Voice Beautifying, select Advanced button
- Select Reduction 170 and Threshold 12.3, these are the parameters to control Noise Reduction.

*Note: You can adjust Reduction and Threshold a little more to get the optimum settings for your voice.

- Click Apply and then OK. 

Improve Santa voice quality

Step 3: Download more effects for Santa voice changer

Did you know? Voice Changer Software Diamond actually has an Add-on Store for you to download a bunch of free voice effects, sound effects, background effects and sound packs.

In this tutorial, we will show you a few add-ons that are very useful when you mimic Santa voice. Light up your Santa show with these effects:

- Xmas Nickvoices

Voice Effects:
- Xmas Voice Effects

Background effects:
- Xmas Traditional Sound
- Christmas Sound
- Christmas Songs 2010
- Christmas 2010 and New Year 2011 Sounds

Good luck and enjoy. To download Voice Changer Software Diamond, follow this button:

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Friday, November 3, 2017

Make Awesome Prank Call Voices with Call Voice Changer

Prank call voices with Call Voice Changer
Prank call voices with Call Voice Changer

If you are looking for a way to pull a good fake call prank with prank call voices, no need to look for the solution anymore. Call Voice Changer will help you.

A girl voice changer? A male voice changer? Or a prank call app? Why not all of them! This simple voice changer will be the best tool out there you ever find with all of the options to let you freely change your voice, make some funny pranks in real time, and what's more, record and edit audio files.

We are talking about the Voice Changer Software Diamond 9.5. You can freely download the software via the link below:

Where to use Voice Changer and prank calls?

>> Use Voice Changer for Discord

>> Other chat software: VOIP Voice Changer for Funny Calls

Main features of Voice Changer Software Diamond 9.5

This voice changer software is literally a masterpiece to produce prank call voices when talking in real time. There are so many options to choose from and many settings to increase the voice quality.

With the Pitch-Timbre graph, you can control the age and gender of your voice. You may not believe it but this voice changer can transform the characteristics of your voice from male to female, a baby or an old grandpa. Whatever you choose, simply drag the pointer in the graph and feel the differences.

Pitch-Timbre graph

What's more, if your voice if the main ingredient for the prank call voices, then you can add more spices with Voice Effects. Yes, did you know? you can add the background effects just like you are at a bus station, the ocean, stuck in a traffic jam and more.
You can even make your voice sound more like being transmitted via a radio, in a room, a dry voice, sweet voice and many other filters.

The awesome prank call voices can be made with even more materials. And we are talking about Voice Beautifying. This feature can sharpen your voice, alter the way you pronounce the vowels and thus, sometimes it can even make new accents.

Voice Changer Software Diamond for prank call voices
Voice Changer Software Diamond for prank call voices

Some prank call voices you can use with Call Voice Changer

Want to see some example of prank call voices? We have a few ideas for you.

Make a Skype call to your friend:

- Hi Selene, it's me, Justy.
- Oh hi, how are you.
- I'm still good. But I have a new friend that I want to show you.

*Change voice to a dog and say something.

- Wow, so cute. Can I meet him, you new friend?
- Yeah sure. And by the way, for get this weekend, we should meet on Monday.

Prank call voices can bring you to success
Prank call voices can bring you to success

Here are some add-ons for prank call voices you may like

Scary prank call voices:

There are many things you can try with this voice changer software. From the built-in library of effects, you already have hundreds of voice effects, filters, background effects and more. The combination is just so much that you will always be able to make something new every time.

Some Sound packs for prank call voices:

For Male Input Voice with many female and other voices

Background effects for prank call voices:

That's it, guys. In order to use these awesome sound packs, effects and prank call voices, you will need to download Voice Changer Software Diamond 9.5:

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Friday, September 29, 2017

Robot Voice Changer for Funny Online Chat

Robot voice changer for funny online chat
Robot voice changer for funny online chat

Did you know? Robot voice changer is a way to spice up your online chat with the fun element. With robot voice changer, Call Voice Changer believes you will have a very good time chatting, and not only robot voice, but also many other voices integrated in this voice changer software.

What is this robot voice changer?

This will be the voice changer that can help you change your voice to a robot, and of course, many other voices such as a boy, girl, an old man, or even animals. The software is called Voice Changer Software Diamond 9.5.

With this voice changer software, the best thing is that you can have a robot voice in real time, while talking on any chat program such as Skype, Discord, Viber, etc.
Moreover, you can also record your voice, morph to many voices, edit and add hundreds of cool effects and then, save your audio files under various formats.

Cool, isn't it? You can be a cool robot for both real time online chat and audio files.

You can download the robot voice changer via the link below:

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>> Male to Female Voice Software

How to use robot voice changer

1. Use voice changer software with Nickvoices

For those who are still wondering how to change your voice to a robot, keep calm, because the answer is extremely easy that may give you a surprising "What".

With AV Voice Changer Software Diamond 9.5, it just needs one click to change your voice to a robot. And what's more? you can also browse hundreds of other included voices.

Robot voice changer
Robot voice changer

To change your voice to robot:
- Select Nickvoices
- Choose For movie maker
- Select Robot Voice

Nickvoices are the ready-to-use voice presets that are integrated into the voice changer software. They can be applied instantly to transform your voice for an online talk.

Currently, you can also change your voice from Male to Female, Female to Male, Non Human voices such as dog, bird, bear, etc. There are hundreds of nickvoices to explore and enjoy. 

2. Use voice changer software manually

Yes, just exactly what you read. You can manually adjust your voice. But don't worry, it's not hard to know your way around the software.

Wanna see an example?

Just follow me and you will do a great job. There are only three things to know:

Pitch and Timbre graph
This will where you change the Pitch and Timbre of your voice - the age and gender. Simply drag and try, you will notice the differences immediately.

Voice Effects
Are you feeling fancy? This will help a lot with Voice Effects, Background Effects, Equalizer, and many more.
Trust me, Equalizer and Background Effects are a great help.

Voice Beautifying
This is a very good tool to improve quality of your voice, and especially, Vowel Enhancer can be used to alter the way you pronounce vowels. Thus, it will indirectly slightly bend your accent a little bit.

robot voice changer - manually
robot voice changer - manually

That's it. It's time for you to shine in any chat room. But wait, did you know how to connect Voice Changer Software to a chat program?

Download the software here: 

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Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Download Curse Voice Changer for Funny Curse Chat

Curse voice changer
Curse voice changer

Curse voice changer is a new fresh wind that blows out a newer, funnier way of enjoying gaming voice chat. Imagine, you can troll your fellow friends and other players online with the voices of Batman, Morgan Freeman, Obama or even anyone with just a simple combination: Curse and AV Voice Changer Software Diamond 9.5 (VCSD9.5)

Curse voice chat is specialized for gaming communication with many professional features. It is currently widely used in famous games like World of Warcraft, LOL (League of Legends), Counter Strike, Overwatch and many more. But did you know? Your fun can be enhanced greatly with the funny voices, audio effects and background effects from Voice Changer Software.

This is a very good way to have fun with your games and also other purposes using Curse for communication. Therefore, Call Voice Changer decided to write this tutorial, showing you how to connect AV Voice Changer Software Diamond with Curse chat.

What is AV Voice Changer Software Diamond?

It can modify and change your voice to any voice in real time. Simply connect the software to Curse chat, change your voice with a few clicks and enjoy the result. The best thing about AV Voice Changer Software Diamond is that it has the ready-to-use presets called Nickvoices and a whole Add-on store to download more updated presets. The possibilities are limitless with these adjustments.

Useful link: Voice Changer Software Diamond 9.5 Screenshots

What is Curse voice chat?

If you are a true gamer, you must have known about Twitch. Curse is now a part of Twitch. Curse chat is a professional software for gaming voice chat with many cool features, good navigation and in-game overlay.

How to use Curse voice changer?

We will follow 3 steps here:

Step 1: Adjust AV Voice Changer Software Diamond

- On the main menu, click Preference (1)
- When VCS Preferences window appears, choose Virtual driver Mode (2)
- Click OK (3)

Step 2: Change audio settings of Curse

- Run Curse
- Click Setting icon

- In the new dialog box, choose Audio/Video tab (1)
- Select your Device as Microphone (Avsoft Virtual Audio Device) (2)
- Click Done (3)

Step 3: Change your voice with Voice Changer Software Diamond

Choose your favorite Nickvoice to change your voice in just one click, including:
- Male to female
- Female to male
- For movie maker (ghost, alien, angel, etc.)
- Non Human Voice (dog, bird, etc.)

Remember to check out the Add-on Store for more interesting Nickvoices.

Enjoy your game with the new voices.

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Tuesday, February 28, 2017

3 Steps To Troll Your Friends With Yoda Voice

3 Steps To Troll Your Friends With Yoda Voice

As having received a great number of requests for "How to change voice like Yoda" recently, Call Voice Changer will bring you a 3-step tutorial, helping you easily speak like this character in both online chat conversations and offline voice changing projects. And if you and your friends are huge fans of master Yoda, this simple tutorial will be one of your faves!

❝ Step 1❞  Download AV Voice Changer Software Diamond

Download AV Voice Changer Software Diamond specialized in modifying human's voice timbre and pitch level in real-time.

This software allows you to change your voice to any voice with just a simple click using ready-to-use voice presets called Nickvoices. Besides, you can also apply voice modification very easily with Pitch-Timbre manipulation, voice effects as well as sound quality.

AV Voice Changer Software Diamond main panel

Step 2 ❞ How to change your voice to Yoda

Use Pitch-Timbre graph to change your voice. By moving the pointer on this graph, you can hear how your voice changes in real-time.

- Leave the cursor at 83% Pitch and 126 % Timbre, you will sound like Yoda the most.

- Choose Advanced, adjust Timbre's Fine Tune slider to 66% to hear the best quality voice output.
- Click OK

Step 3 ❞  Configure Yoda voice setting to be natural

Make your voice more natural by using built-in background effects and taking advantage of Equalizer module.

- Select Make-ups
- Choose Custom to open Equalizer.
- Adjust Equalizer as the image below

Equalizer Yoda voice

- Now, we add background effects
- Select Add more effects
- In the new Effects Settings window, click on Background Effects > Military > Explosions.
Background effects

Now you are so ready for it! Are you holding the list of your "victims" in hand? Let's see how long they can "bear" this "sudden attack"! LOL

Monday, February 20, 2017

Voice Changer For Online Skype Calls

Isn't it cool if you can call your best pals and have fun asking them out with the voice of Justin Bieber, Ariana Grande,  Peter Griffin, Morgan Freeman, Barack Obama and more? If you are feeling fascinated about this idea, you'll definitely need one of the coolest voice changer in real time to get things going.

Voice Changer For Online Skype Calls
Funny online Skype calls with Voice Changer

♛ Call Voice Changer review

Voice changer software is a specialized voice mastering tool for both online and offline activities. This program works with 2 main voice changing algorithm, Virtual Audio Driver mode, which allows you to modify and control your voice in real-time voice chat in Skype. 

On its main panel, you can easily find a parabolic voice morphing graph (or specialized graph for Timbre and Pitch manipulation) formed by hundreds of curved lines. They themselves create various arching set points providing users a wide range of voice tones as they wish. This newly upgraded voice morphing graph is a brilliant feature which makes voice changer software stand out from relevant tools. 

AV Voice Changer Software Diamond

Additionally, call voice changer can use “Nickvoices”, the unique voice sample options for instant access; these are presets that allow the user to modify their own voice to sound like another voice, and there are many presets available, and users can make their own and then share them. They are categorized for specific purposes, such as :
  • Male to female voice: turn a male voice into a female voice with different personalities and ages.
  • Female to male voice: turn a female voice into a male voice with different personalities and ages.
  • Nickvoices for movie maker: movie characters' voices (witch, devil, alien, terminator, X-men,...)
  • Non-human voices: a diversity of animal voices.
  • Customizable nickvoices: which you can save with any nicknames and personality.

What special about this voice changer is that it offers you an comprehensive control on your audio output, from timbre and pitch, voice limiter, noise reduction, equalizer, voice formant and a long list of unique, vivid sound effects, in order to make your audio sound completely natural.  

 Effectively change voice in real-time Skype calls

Skype voice changer

Call voice changer is the best solution for all voice changing tasks in Skype, you can make professional E-conference via Skype in a professional voice, mimic a friend's voice, or fool your chat buddies around with celebrity voices, and of course .... all the adjustments you make in this program will be heard immediately through headphones and automatically applied to your Skype calling conversation. Besides that, you can easily enjoy a quick, advanced voice controller which helps you save much time in morphing, thanks to the smart, friendly user interface.

Wanna try it out? Feel free to check and download AV Voice Changer Software Diamond and follow our tutorial.

Connect Skype and voice changer online for funny Skype chat

Open AV Voice Changer Software Diamond

- Click Preferences.
- Choose Virtual Driver Mode (1), then click OK (2)

Now, open Skype.

- Select Tools
- Click on Options

- Choose Audio settings tab (1)
- Select Microphone as Microphone (Avsoft Virtual Audio Device) (2)
- Click Save

And now, the two software are already connected. You can change your voice to any voice you want with AV Voice Changer Software Diamond and then start your funny Skype chat with many voices.

Friday, February 10, 2017

Voice Changer Software Diamond 9.5 Screenshots

If a normal call voice changer brings you the feeling of professionalism, Voice Changer Software Diamond 9.5 can also bring you the trendy and friendly feelings while using its morphing settings and specialized functions as well. Let's see why it deserves to be called the best Call Voice Changer!

A simple flat skin interface supports touch-screen technology, bringing the trendy and professional feelings.
Voice Changer Software Diamond
Main panel of AV Voice Changer Software Diamond 9.5

Formed by various curved lines representing the flexibility and accuracy in morphing, every arching set point offers a completely different voice tone for user.

Voice morpher graph
AV Voice Changer Software Diamond 9.5 - Pitch and Timbre graph

The "Nickvoice" menu of this advanced voice changer has been broaden up. They are put in various categories such as sample output voices for man, woman, non-human voices and a specialized movie maker "Nickvoice" menu for your extreme entertainment. With the presence of this abundant menu, you now can achieve the desired output voice in just-one-click (click and talk!).

The most powerful and effective Voice Effects and Voice Beautifying settings specializing in modifying voice/sound are now designed at the main panel to make output voice more natural and morphing processes more precise and faster.

AV Voice Changer Software Diamond 9.5 - Nickvoices
Voice Changer Software Diamond 9.5 provides user a long list of unique voice effects as well as vivid non-human voices. You now can use these available effects to make funny calls with your friends show people your hidden talents via internet call. It also offers the cool background effects to make your output voice more natural and professional than ever before.

This program proves to be the best call voice changer by including special tutorials for many voip programs such as using voice changer for DiscordSkype, TeamSpeak, Ventrilo and many other voice changing tasks. These colorful navigation buttons can be easily recognized and used on the main panel.

Voice Recorder
has been improved for clearer and better quality. Record as many times as you like, in normal voice or morphed voice and even then each session.

Voice changer software - Voice recorder
AV Voice Changer Software Diamond 9.5 - Voice Recorder
More precise Parody Maker helps you create interesting, creative parody voices and mimic other people's voices.

Voice Changer Software Diamond 8.0 - Parody Maker
Voice Changer Software Diamond 9.5 - Parody Maker

Your voice and the target voice will be compared and suggested the best morphing settings to modulate and make your voice sound most similar to it. Voice Comparator feature has been upgraded for best similarity between two voices.

Voice Changer Software Diamond 8.0 -  Advanced Voice Comparator
Voice Changer Software Diamond 9.5 -  Advanced Voice Comparator

Sound Analyzer feature from Voice Changer Software Diamond 9.5 analyzes your voice characteristics in real-time and visualizes them in graph form. Voice characteristics are analyzed such as harmony, brightness, pitch and score.
Voice Changer Software Diamond 8.0 -  visualized voice/sound analyzer
Voice Changer Software Diamond 9.5 -  visualized voice/sound analyzer

File Morpher to convert and morph batches of audio files. It is available in two modes: Quick Mode and Full Mode.

Free download: