Wednesday, October 12, 2016

How to Use Nickvoices for Funny Talks - Call Voice Changer Review

How to use Nickvoices
How to use Nickvoices

In this post today, Call Voice Changer will show you how to use the Nickvoices feature. This is a review on that particular feature, which is a very handy tool for voice changing tasks. In this review, we will use the newest version AV Voice Changer Software Diamond 9 (VCSD9).

We all know that voice changing and morphing may not be so easy sometimes. However, Nickvoices are the ready-to-use presets that help you change your voice very quickly in just one click. The feature has a wide variety presets from male-to-female, female-to-male, non-human voices to movie maker sets.

There are more than over 60 ultimate Nickvoices to be explored and it's even more awesome that you can do your own Nickvoice. You can try modifying the output with Timbre, Pitch and other effects to achieve your own desired voice qualities.Moreover, Add-on Store is always available for free background effects, parody voices, sound packs or new effects.

Male to Female Voice Changer in 1 click with nickvoices

Female to Male Nickvoices

Voices for Movie Maker

Non-human Voices

Call Voice Changer review

As you can see, the software has a many built-in presets with many advantages here:
  • Quick use for those who want to change their voice immediately.
  • Easy to modify your voice without any learning curve.
  • A wide variety of voices, from male, female, non-human to movie making voices.
  • Creativity: create your own Nickvoice, save and load it to use anytime.
  • Flexibility: you can configure the available Nickvoices and save for later use.
  • Update: many new Nickvoices of famous celebrities can be found on Add-on Store.

All you need to do is click on the presets you want and BOOM!!! Your voice is already changed. Have fun in your calls and voice chat.

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