Monday, January 26, 2015

Ideas For Making Audio Gifts Using Call Voice Changer

A call voice changer, as its name, is basically a voice changing software for PC. Today, I will give you 3 loveliest ideas to create audio gifts for your special ones, on special events, using call voice changer.

# Change voice while singing

Change voice while singing using call voice changer
Even though you're a great or an "umm.." singer, you have no fear now showing your true self with call voice changer software. Is it too high, or too low? The program offers you a full control on it.

This first tip is the most commonly used by internet users. On special occasions, they sing their hearts out via Skype, Yahoo, etc. to express love for families and friends. Let call voice changer help you make it a remarkable time having fun online with them. 

How it works?
Call voice changer connects with your microphone through its unique Virtual Audio Driver (VAD) mode. Once you set VAD as your main audio driver, you can take advantage of its powerful morphing settings, speak through the mic, and see how it changes your chat voice in real time.

When configuration step is done, choose a person in your friend list to start a chat conversation and ... sing!

# Remix songs in your own style

Remix songs in your own style
The next idea for cool audio gifts is using call voice changer to bring different colors to your favorite songs. You can change/replace/morph the singer voice, and modify advanced equalizers for the beat to turn the song to a completely new tunes.

How it works?
Call voice changer captures audio streams automatically, so you only need to play your song on a media player. Then, turn on Voice Morpher module to change Timbre and Pitch level while listening to such changes through your headphones.

If you want to make further adjustments, use its advanced morphing settings to apply appropriate built-in presets.

# Add voice over/dubbing to your clips
Add voice over/dubbing to your clips

One of the most special part of call voice changer is that it enable users to dub movies and do voice-over to video clips with their own voices. Mimic famous movie characters' voices in a movie clip, or create a creative video clips using supported tools, such as Crazy Talk, Anime Studio Pro, etc.)

How it works?
First, record and morph your voice using call voice changer. Save your output recordings in order. Then, run your video creating tools and insert these morphed voices into its suitable scenes. Finally, save it.

There're more stuffs for you to play around with Call Voice Changer, like E-greeting cards, voice mails, ringtones, etc. Download call voice changer free below: