Monday, January 16, 2017

Add Your Background Effects to Real-time Calling Using Call Voice Changer

Add Background Effects to Real-time Calling Using Call Voice Changer
Add Background Effects to Real-time Calling Using Call Voice Changer

Special holidays are coming! 

For those who are living far away from home, it's definitely the best using voice chat application to call their family and friends to send seasonal greetings and best wishes for the new year. 

Be creative!

There are more things you can do with call voice changer to make your online calls for interesting and funny, such as:

  • Change your voice while in voice chat applications, such as using voice changer for Discord, Skype, Curse, etc. and make funny pranks. Oh yeah, victims awaiting!
  • Imitate the voice of someone else, famous celebrity, or movie characters (Optimus Prime, Yoda, ...)
  • Apply unique background effects while speaking on video call to surprise your friends
  • And many more.

This time, will guide you on how to make your video calls more interesting by applying special background effects while you're speaking through the microphone.

Step 1: Download voice changer for calling 

If you don't have a voice changer on your computer, click on the below button to freely download and install AV Voice Changer Software Diamond.

Step 2: Add background effects in voice changer

- Click on Add Voice Efects

In the new Effects Settings dialog box:
- Select Background Effects, Settings button will be visible.
- Click on Settings

Background effects settings

BGEffects window will appear. This is a customizable list, you an choose these effects directly, or create your own effect groups. In order to create a new group, follow step 3.

Step 3: Create your own background effects

BGEffects window 
- Click "Create group" and name your effect group ➞ OK.
Tip: To delete a group from the effect tree, right click on it and choose Delete.

Add your own effects to this newly created group:
- Choose your own group
- Type a short description for the effect
- Browse and choose your audio effect ➞ OK

You now can start your online chat conversation in any application (Skype, AOL, YH!, ...). While speaking on the phone, check the checkbox of the effect your like, it'll be applied in real-time calling.


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