Tuesday, February 28, 2017

3 Steps To Troll Your Friends With Yoda Voice

3 Steps To Troll Your Friends With Yoda Voice

As having received a great number of requests for "How to change voice like Yoda" recently, Call Voice Changer will bring you a 3-step tutorial, helping you easily speak like this character in both online chat conversations and offline voice changing projects. And if you and your friends are huge fans of master Yoda, this simple tutorial will be one of your faves!

❝ Step 1❞  Download AV Voice Changer Software Diamond

Download AV Voice Changer Software Diamond specialized in modifying human's voice timbre and pitch level in real-time.

This software allows you to change your voice to any voice with just a simple click using ready-to-use voice presets called Nickvoices. Besides, you can also apply voice modification very easily with Pitch-Timbre manipulation, voice effects as well as sound quality.

AV Voice Changer Software Diamond main panel

Step 2 ❞ How to change your voice to Yoda

Use Pitch-Timbre graph to change your voice. By moving the pointer on this graph, you can hear how your voice changes in real-time.

- Leave the cursor at 83% Pitch and 126 % Timbre, you will sound like Yoda the most.

- Choose Advanced, adjust Timbre's Fine Tune slider to 66% to hear the best quality voice output.
- Click OK

Step 3 ❞  Configure Yoda voice setting to be natural

Make your voice more natural by using built-in background effects and taking advantage of Equalizer module.

- Select Make-ups
- Choose Custom to open Equalizer.
- Adjust Equalizer as the image below

Equalizer Yoda voice

- Now, we add background effects
- Select Add more effects
- In the new Effects Settings window, click on Background Effects > Military > Explosions.
Background effects

Now you are so ready for it! Are you holding the list of your "victims" in hand? Let's see how long they can "bear" this "sudden attack"! LOL

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