Sunday, January 15, 2017

Did Optimus Prime Just Call Me?

Let's welcome summer time with new prank call ideas! If you have tried Call Voice Changer's suggested funny ideas, this is the time for something totally new! Today, we will bring you a cool tip to easily achieve any movie character's voice you adore, particularly the cool voice of Opimus Prime from Transformers blockbuster. Let's see how hardcore fans of this character react when "he" calls them! 

Transformer voice changer tutorial:

Firstly, you need the best call voice changer program to make this voice changing task simpler. This program includes a unique Virtual Audio Driver mode which lets you control your voice in real-time voice chat conversations. 

Next, this call voice changer's morpher graph has the ability to let you change timbre and pitch, the most important parameters of a human voice. Adjust the cursor on the graph until you find your voice similar to Optimus Prime's. It is recommended that to leave it at Timbre 86% and Pitch 51% (*) will bring you the closest result to Optimus's voice.

Optimus Prime voice changer

- Move the cursor up will make your voice younger; move it left for boy's voice and right for girl's voice.
- You can use Duplex feature (2) to test how your voice sound like while morphing.
- Also, take advantage of the professional Equalizer of this call voice changer to enhance sound and make your voice more natural.

That's it! You now can use this changed voice to make surprising calls to your friends via any voice chat system.


"Did Optimus Prime Just Call Me?

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