Thursday, April 24, 2014

Funny Call Ideas Using Online Call Voice Changer

Call Voice Changer is an interesting voice changer software for playing online frank calls on your friends. You can place free calls anywhere in the world with a great addition of humor using call voice changer.

The program has a ability to manipulate by changing you timbre and pitch, the most important abilities of a human voice. It works smoothly in real-time using voice chat which means you can enjoy interesting conversations with your friends in various VoIP and IM clients while running this call voice changer. More than that, a wide range of powerful voice settings and built-in audio effects are always available for instant use and making adjustments if necessary.

Imagine you pretend to be an anonymous guy calling you friend and accuse him of stealing your stuff, what would he react?

Anonymous: Are you the one stealing my laptop?
Target: Sorry?
Anonymous: Don't deny! I got your fingerprint on my desk and your phone number as well.
Target: What are you talking about??
Anonymous: Give me your **** address so I'll come to take it back, or I'll call the cops!
Target: What?? Wait...
Anonymous: No no! That's it! Bring back my laptop now!
Target: Are you crazy? I didn't...
Anonymous: [suddenly hung up]

Or change your voice into a friend's neighbor's and make a fool out of her. Let's see what her reaction might be.

Image result for prank call

Neighbor: Hey..Heyy..
Target: Hello!
Neighbor: I've got a package for you. An express deliveryman gave it to me this morning.
Target: Really? But...
Neighbor: I don't know how the hell it is in my house now. I opened it up.
Target: Sorry?! How could...
Neighbor: Whatever! Are you coming to get it. I opened it up, however it's yours. Come to get it or I'll throw it away.
Target: EXCUSE ME?!!

You can even mimic the voice of a boss, a police, a creepy stranger, an alien or famous celebrities as you wish for with the help of this tool. Now, it's your turn! Let's see how long your target needs to find out that is you! 

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