Thursday, January 16, 2014

Free Prank Calls with Uniquely Funny Voices

Free Prank Calls with Uniquely Funny Voices
Speak different unique voices
to fool friends or enemie
Girl: Hello!
Anonymous:  Sorry to bother you! You've been on my mind for about a week now.
Girl:  Excuse me?
Anonymous:  Sorry I can't tell you because I have a secret crush on you!
Girl:  You have a crush on me? 
Anonymous:  I've just seen you around! [creepy]
Girl:  What? How can you...??
Anonymous:  I love your hair and the way it falls on your shoulder, the way you giggle [more creepy]...I'm not a big fan of the way you walk though. You know...WE NEED TO CHANGE THAT! [laughing rudely]
Girl: ....... [frozen]

Imagine how your friends react if they are in this situation... and YES, YOU can pretend to be this 'irritating' anonymous and put your 'victim' in such hella weird circumstances.

Using FREE internet calls? Let's make them more FANTASTIC!
Call Voice Changer is the coolest tool for online voice changing purposes including meaningful holiday calls, important business calls and of course the silly, hilarious prank calls. With the ability to modify and control your timbre and pitch in real time, your voice can sound completely different. 

Call voice changer's ready-to-use preset 'nickvoice' menu is also a great help for your morphing process. Just one click on the sample voice output you like on the list and you will immediately sound like it. In addition, it also offers users numerous vivid sound effects and background effects to make your audio/voice output more natural and professional. 

With the great help call voice changer provides, you can make any online prank calls easier, faster and more fantastic than ever! Believe me, you guys will definitely have hours of fun while chatting online that you've never had before.

For those interested in call voice changer, click here you can have a look at its main features which help you professionally change your voice while calling.

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