Friday, October 25, 2013

The Spookiest Halloween Prank Calls with 50% OFF

Boooo... Halloween pranksters, any plan for the most "ghoulish" day of the year yet? Besides setting a spooky scene with themed Halloween decorations and props, don't forget to "pay a visit" to your friend or your enemy via internet call!

You can be:
- A thirsty vampire looking for fresh blood....
- A lonely goblin searching for its other half on the dark day.
- A creepy kid asking for magic candies.
- A wicked witch looking for beautiful ladies' hearts.
- A mysterious werewolf searching for his fellows.
- An awkward zombie calling for a "purrfect" soulmate.

And many more fun if you know how to stay creative. You all can enjoy making online prank calls by using the coolest "weapon given from the dark side" - Call Voice Changer. This program offers you the ability to change your voice to any scary characters who intrigue you. Here are some advanced voice adjusting program that are now offered with UP TO 50% DISCOUNTS for your entertainment:

P/s: Watch your back...

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