Thursday, September 26, 2013

Change Voice While Calling

Give chat friends a hard time guessing who you really are? WHY NOT?
If you are fancy having a bit of fun next time you use Yahoo!, MSN, Skype, AIM, ect. then why not try out something new, like a Call Voice Changer? With such functional program, you can do sorts of cool things via many VoIP clients, from fooling pals with alien voice, sending e-greetings on special days of your life, or impressively presenting to your business partners. And no worries, all of these won't take you long to achieve!
change voice during call
Surprise your friends and family by changing voice while calling
Timbre and pitch are the most important qualities of a human's voice. They are different from every single person and their combination can make each voice sound completely unique. Therefore, changing timbre and pitch is the first and the most important key in order to disguise your voice while calling via any IM clients. And if you're wondering, voice changer software is the tool-of-choice for this most crucial step. The program usually comprises of Timbre and Pitch graph (also known as  "voice morpher graph") and a variety of voice effects and background effects to make your output voice more vivid.

Among many voice changers for internet call, Voice Changer Software Diamond is the most outstanding program chosen by both editors and voters. This program has the ability to process your voice tone smoothly, professionally and perform it well in real-time calls. With the big help of useful preset voice output (also called "nickvoice"), you can sound like demon, a creepy man, chic woman, alien, chipmunk, and more.

You now can start a hilarious voice chat session to trick your friends, family or your worst enemies using call voice changer and your sense of humor. Trust me, your target friends will have a crazily hard time guessing and laughing for hours. You can get more information about this recommended voice changing program at

You can check Best Call Voice Changer to know how to make voice changing while calling more fantastic than ever!

By: +Bryony Ahha 


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