Monday, August 12, 2013

Have Fun Calling With Online Voice Changer

Fool your friends, surprise family with Online Voice Changer!

  • A cool plus in your life

You can use Online Voice Changer to sound like any people at all age ranges and for any purpose in your daily life.
- Become a successful business person with powerful and persuasive voice in every e-conference, important presentation, ...
- Express your love and inside feelings to your beloved family and friends by creating sweet  e-greeting cards on special events and holiday (Independence day, Valentine's day, Halloween,...).
- Change voice tone of singer in any song you like or even create remixes.
- Prank your friends with ones' voices they know. It'd be funnier with special sound effects
Prank calls with Voice Changer Software
Funny calls with Online Voice Changer
  • How does it work?

- Online Voice Changer includes Virtual Audio Device mode allowing you to capture online audio stream as well as change timbre and pitch in real time.
- It's compatible with many popular VoIP, Instant Messaging Applications and all online games.
- Ready-to-use nickvoice and sound effects help your voice sound deep or high, silly or creepy during online call.
 Online Voice Changer funny calls
  DON'T WAIT!!! Let's rock with Online Voice Changer!!!

If you have any questions regarding audio making purposes, feel free to ask at Digital Audio Answers

By: +Bryony Ahha 

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