Monday, May 13, 2013

The Best Voice Changer Software

Voice Changer Software: honest, fun, and great value for money

Audio4fun’s Voice Changer Software is the one and only application out there that helps you manipulate voices and sounds perfectly. Let’s discover how it turns soulless “canned” audio into rich, natural, and vivid outputs.

Most of you pick it to play with your voices and enjoy “multi-personality” moments in your cyber life. But Voice Changer Software is more than that. It is a full-featured, powerful audio editor and morpher, utilizing cutting edge technology and lightning fast algorithms, yet it takes you through a considerably lower learning curve.
Main Panel of Voice Changer Software
Main Panel of Voice Changer Software

This Audio4fun program is one of only a few 2-dimensional real-time voice changers. You will find it compatible with many popular instant messengers, PC-to-phone applications, online role playing games, media players, etc. You can change any voice or sound file on your PC to make new, impressive audio clips and ringtones. Voice Changer Software is also an economical tool for voice mails, voice over, voice dubbing for documentaries and industrial movies, on-hold advertising, multimedia presentations, websites, games, radio and TV commercials, audio-books, etc. Supporting virtually all audio formats, Voice Changer Software is quite practical and fun to use!

Using Voice Changer Software’s various presets are quite simple to apply: audio effects, “nickvoices”, and equalizer settings are all just a mouse-click away. Also, you have more control over the software, such as excluding certain parts of an audio stream, or switching voice settings in real time, or managing your “nickvoice” effects, or saving your equalizer settings. You can also download numerous plug-in packages from the Audio4fun website.

Featuring a professional-looking interface and several powerful sub-modules, Voice Changer Software is the perfect audio morphing program. Users who take the time to explore the depths of its rich features will find an unending choice of impressive effects. For some newer users, it might take a while before they can achieve the output they desire, as they learn the limits and lengths to which the program can alter their files. However, the bottom line is that anyone will find that Voice Changer Software is a great value for the money. For more information, please visit


Exclusively useful features
Friendly with almost any environment
Hundreds of presets and “nickvoices”
Works in both real time and offline


A little complicated for newbies
The first outputs might not fully meet your requirements

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Review by +Robert Kendy