Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Call Voice Changer with Internet Call

 The funniest Software in the Calling world! ✸

Fool your friends by changing your voice and adding sound effects in real time during a Internet call.

"I called my office and they thought I am a woman LOL"

"I drive my wife crazy with the dog barks"

"I love you. Do you want to go out with me tonight?" LOL

The app is for free but you need to buy credit before you make a call. We provide some free credit so you can test the app capabilities before you make a purchase.


✸ Change the pitch of your voice during a Internet  phone call to deep and creepy or high and funny.

✸ Add sound effects during the Internet  phone call.

How to use the AV Voice Changer

✸ In VoIP Calling, config audio microphone to use VAD (Vitual Audio Device).

✸ In AV Voice Changer, Change Pith, Timbre, effect or using build-in nickvoice (women, teen girl, robot, ...).

✸ Make an Calling and troll your friend by Call Voice Changer LOL.


Call Voice Changer - AV Voice Changer is using with an VoIP Software, so you need to have a good internet connection to make the call.

✸ You are not paying your phone provider to make the call - you pay for the internet only with Call Voice Changer.

✸ For best voice on Call Voice Changer quality use earphones.

Learn more about changing voice while calling!

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Call Voice Changer - AV Voice Changer
Call Voice Changer - AV Voice Changer

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