Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Call Voice Changer with Internet Call

 The funniest Software in the Calling world! ✸

Fool your friends by changing your voice and adding sound effects in real time during a Internet call.

"I called my office and they thought I am a woman LOL"

"I drive my wife crazy with the dog barks"

"I love you. Do you want to go out with me tonight?" LOL

The app is for free but you need to buy credit before you make a call. We provide some free credit so you can test the app capabilities before you make a purchase.


✸ Change the pitch of your voice during a Internet  phone call to deep and creepy or high and funny.

✸ Add sound effects during the Internet  phone call.

How to use the AV Voice Changer

✸ In VoIP Calling, config audio microphone to use VAD (Vitual Audio Device).

✸ In AV Voice Changer, Change Pith, Timbre, effect or using build-in nickvoice (women, teen girl, robot, ...).

✸ Make an Calling and troll your friend by Call Voice Changer LOL.


Call Voice Changer - AV Voice Changer is using with an VoIP Software, so you need to have a good internet connection to make the call.

✸ You are not paying your phone provider to make the call - you pay for the internet only with Call Voice Changer.

✸ For best voice on Call Voice Changer quality use earphones.

Learn more about changing voice while calling!

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Call Voice Changer - AV Voice Changer
Call Voice Changer - AV Voice Changer

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Funny call with Call Voice Changer

Use Call Voice Changer to change your voice during a live call!

Perfect to make a Santa Call for the holidays, the best Christmas Gifts for your family

Sound like a creepy man, woman, alien, chipmunk, and more.

Use Call Voice Changer to trick your best friend or your worst enemy.

Call your girlfriends, boyfriends, parents, children and even your boss with changing voice by Call Voice Changer

You'll have everyone guessing and laughing for hours.

Lots of crazy and fun voice effects like Alien, Cyborg, Ransom & Echo. Pro-Audio effects transform your voice during the phone call.

Included Changing Effects calling
  • ✓ Ransom
  • ✓ Echo
  • ✓ Alien
  • ✓ Super Low
  • ✓ Cyborg
  • ✓ Chipmunk
  • and more...
AV Voice Changer is the ultimate Voice Changer and works on or off calls. Better than any fake call app since VCS allows you to place calls and change your voice on the call with any VoIP ike as Skype, Yahoo, Google talk,....

AV Voice Changer is the ultimate Voice Changer
AV Voice Changer is the ultimate Voice Changer

Wanna download? Many Editions in here
Or you can visit Digital Audio Answers to ask any questions about voice changer, audio editing tasks!

Best Voice Changer Calling

AV Voice Changer allows you to record your voice and change the way it sounds or change voice while calling

First off, It change the voice as you speaking. So you can use it while you are calling vi VoIP like as Skype, Yahoo, Google talk. You can record the messages you want to send with a different voice, choose the voice and the effect and then play it also. There are lots of easy-to-recognize voice types: chipmunk, cat, robot, child, megaphone, women's and men's voice, echo, chorus... and many others. After choosing the voice, you can set the speech speed, the effects and the background noise (airport, battle, raining...).

As you record the speeches, you can save them as .wav file, Mp3 file,... to use it whenever you want. It would be great if it transformed your voice while you speak, but anyway, it's a good application. The sound quality is quite acceptable and the amount of voice types, effects and background noise make it a complete voice changer.

AV Voice Changer has been developed by AVSOFT, an emerging software developer who has launched other interesting apps on the market.

AV Voice Changer
AV Voice Changer
Change voice real time when calling or record yourself and then change your voice. Select many voices and effects.

You can also change the background sound, make it sound as if you are on a plane, during battle and more.

★ Change your voice to CHIPMUNK, CAT, ROBOT, CHILD, MEGAPHONE, serveral WOMEN's and MEN's voices, and more...

★ Add Effects: CHORUS, ECHO,...


★ Hear the modified voice

★ Save recordings as .wav file, Mp3 file,..., come back and change later

Want download? Many Edition in here

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Voice Changer Funny Calls

Voice Changer (Funny Calls with Call Voice Changer) - an application for changing recorded audio and make prank calls with changed voice to your skype friends, Yahoo friends or Google talk friends.

You can check how available audio effects and their combinations affects audio records and than try those in outcoming call!
Funny Calls with Call Voice Changer
Funny Calls with Call Voice Changer

Voice Changer Calling with Voice Changer Application

Prank your friends, surprise your family. 

Use Voice Changer Application to make Voice Changer Calling with AV Voice Changer (Download here
Calls are make using your VoiP as Skype, Yahoo.
All calls are free, many nickvoice to change your voice.

Voice Changer - an application for changing recorded audio and make prank calls with changed voice to your friends