Monday, December 30, 2013

Surprise Friends with Unexpected Calls on New Year's Eve


Such a wonderful occasion to celebrate and have fun with people around you. Why don't you add your creative ideas to make this New Year celebration more special than ever before?

You can pretend to be a restaurant delivery man calling to deliver free food for your family's New Year party, or a lonely girl with sexy voice calling to surprise your mates, and more fantastic cartoon characters' voices to bring laughter and happiness to the kids. One thing for sure that you and your loved ones will definitely have hours laughing and having fun via online calling, especially on this biggest celebration of the year.

Download Call Voice Changer

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Surprise your family and friends with humorous unexpected calls with Call Voice Changer. Let's see how long can they recognize the real you!

Watch could be YOU who might receive an unexpected call from a mysterious person! (LOL)

Thursday, December 19, 2013

The Funniest Christmas Prank Calls

Christmas is coming...what have you prepared for it? Christmas lights, presents, cards, parties or music? Oh... so how about fooling someone through phone calls as a surprise Christmas gift? To make Christmas prank calls is much easier and quicker with the help of the best call voice changer.

Prank calls with  Santa Call Voice Changer
Funny prank calls with
Santa Call Voice Changer

Call your friends on Christmas day and start singing "Summer lady...summer lady..." (LOL)

"Hello, this is Santa, my sleigh is broken, can I borrow your bike for a while?" (Huh!)

"Hey, your dog is biting my reindeer, can you go out and solve this problem NOW?" (What?!)

"I'm Santa! I'm too old to carry heavy gift sacks this year. Can you take my credit card instead?" (...oh SURE!)

It's so cool to speak in the voice of Santa Claus via voice clients chat but your friends can hardly find out it is YOU! You can even bring more laughter to everyone by creating weird calling scenarios with your own creation.

Christmas prank calls can be made via any internet calling applications such as Skype, YH!, AIM, MSN, Google Talk, QQ, and many more.


If you're looking for a cool call voice changer which lets you imitate the voice of Santa Claus, or add special Xmas background effects to your self-made e-greeting cards, favorite songs ... This is your chance!!!

Buy Santa Call Voice Changer

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Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Best Call Voice Changer For PC

There are many different Call Voice Changer applications around, Voice Changer Software Diamond 9.5 has just been released and lengthen this long list. However, this premium version is on the way to prove that it is absolutely the best Call Voice Changer by far.

AV Voice Changer Software Diamond 9.5

Voice Changer Diamond 8.0 - The Best Call Voice Changer!

This new Call Voice Changer can do a wide range of voice changing related tasks for many different purposes. Version 8 has been greatly upgraded with smooth, brilliant design and more advanced voice/audio settings in order to help user always produce the best output voices.

 Quick Live Tour - Voice Changer Diamond 8- Alter and modify a voice in real-time with cutting-edge voice changing algorithms: Hooking and Virtual Audio Driver.

- Control timbre and pitch levels, as well as adjust other important qualities of the human voice, such as threshold, base pitch, formant, etc.

- Ready-to-use 'nickvoices' for user's to mix and match. This new version includes a broaden list with up to 50 different 'nickvoices', including a specialized menu for movie making purposes.

- Advanced, specialized voice morphing settings to produce the most natural output.

- A huge library of vivid sound and background effects available for creating unique results while using internet call.

- Use a microphone to record voice chat conversations, or any voice you can hear while making prank calls on internet.

- Reduce, add echo or apply robotic effects, in real-time, to make your output voice sound completely different, instantly, even while chatting.

- Compatible with most environments:
  • In-game voice chat system: Second Life, World of Warcraft, EVE Online, Lord of the Rings Online, Everquest, Counter-Strike, Battlefield 2, Steam Game Portal and many more.
  • IM and VoIP applications: Skype, Ventrilo, TeamSpeak, Yahoo Messenger, MSN Live Messenger, AIM, XFire, GoogleTalk, Roger Wilco, Net2Phone, GSC, X Lite, Voxox, VoipStunt, VoipBuster, QQ, Psi, Mumber, Nimbuzz, Mohawk, Eyball Chat, Callcentric, and more.

 Best Call Voice Changer Free Download

Trust me, once you click to use it, you will definitely find it worth your try! It's suitable for any internet call, you can have funny calls with your friends and family after a long week working hard, or revenge your enemies with the scariest calls ever!

Friday, October 25, 2013

The Spookiest Halloween Prank Calls with 50% OFF

Boooo... Halloween pranksters, any plan for the most "ghoulish" day of the year yet? Besides setting a spooky scene with themed Halloween decorations and props, don't forget to "pay a visit" to your friend or your enemy via internet call!

You can be:
- A thirsty vampire looking for fresh blood....
- A lonely goblin searching for its other half on the dark day.
- A creepy kid asking for magic candies.
- A wicked witch looking for beautiful ladies' hearts.
- A mysterious werewolf searching for his fellows.
- An awkward zombie calling for a "purrfect" soulmate.

And many more fun if you know how to stay creative. You all can enjoy making online prank calls by using the coolest "weapon given from the dark side" - Call Voice Changer. This program offers you the ability to change your voice to any scary characters who intrigue you. Here are some advanced voice adjusting program that are now offered with UP TO 50% DISCOUNTS for your entertainment:

P/s: Watch your back...

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Change Voice While Calling

Give chat friends a hard time guessing who you really are? WHY NOT?
If you are fancy having a bit of fun next time you use Yahoo!, MSN, Skype, AIM, ect. then why not try out something new, like a Call Voice Changer? With such functional program, you can do sorts of cool things via many VoIP clients, from fooling pals with alien voice, sending e-greetings on special days of your life, or impressively presenting to your business partners. And no worries, all of these won't take you long to achieve!
change voice during call
Surprise your friends and family by changing voice while calling
Timbre and pitch are the most important qualities of a human's voice. They are different from every single person and their combination can make each voice sound completely unique. Therefore, changing timbre and pitch is the first and the most important key in order to disguise your voice while calling via any IM clients. And if you're wondering, voice changer software is the tool-of-choice for this most crucial step. The program usually comprises of Timbre and Pitch graph (also known as  "voice morpher graph") and a variety of voice effects and background effects to make your output voice more vivid.

Among many voice changers for internet call, Voice Changer Software Diamond is the most outstanding program chosen by both editors and voters. This program has the ability to process your voice tone smoothly, professionally and perform it well in real-time calls. With the big help of useful preset voice output (also called "nickvoice"), you can sound like demon, a creepy man, chic woman, alien, chipmunk, and more.

You now can start a hilarious voice chat session to trick your friends, family or your worst enemies using call voice changer and your sense of humor. Trust me, your target friends will have a crazily hard time guessing and laughing for hours. You can get more information about this recommended voice changing program at

You can check Best Call Voice Changer to know how to make voice changing while calling more fantastic than ever!

By: +Bryony Ahha 

Friday, August 30, 2013

Best Voice Changer for Online Game

Enjoy online games in a different and unique way!

Have you ever tried to fool your online game friends in online chat by changing your voice into freaky girls or silly boys, or even creepy aliens? Or do you need a "crazily fresh" gaming air? Voice Changer for online game can bring you some!
AV VoizGame - Cool voice changer for online games
AV VoizGame - main panel

AV VoizGame is an Online Voice Changer specializes in voice manipulation in online game community. The Virtual Audio Driver mode of this program gives the ability to disguise your real voice while speaking through a microphone in real-time. With the help of the timbre and pitch graph in this program, you can turn into a completely anonymous person by modifying your voice. You can also take advantage of its fabulous ready-to-use voice output (aka nickvoice) to grant a quick access to a certain character's voice. As soon as you click on a nickvoice, all related effects will be automatically applied on morpher graph which helps you save lots of time while joining online game community.

Online Voice Changer is compatible with many popular online games
Expose your sense of humor in most well-known online games
Now, you can start confusing the hell out of your online buddies or opponents by being a brave hero, unbeatable warrior, weirdest monster or a chic princess ever. AV VoizGame is compatible with most chat application such as Ventrilo, Teamspeak, Roger Wilco, Yahoo Messenger, MSN, etc., and famous online games from World of Warcraft, MU to Counter Strike and EVE. Besides that, this masterpiece doesn't take up much space on your PC and you can make its skin transparent for more convenient use and internet surfing.

Cool huh?! Then, hurry up and start your coolest jokes in online chat rooms using this brilliant online voice changer

Monday, August 12, 2013

Have Fun Calling With Online Voice Changer

Fool your friends, surprise family with Online Voice Changer!

  • A cool plus in your life

You can use Online Voice Changer to sound like any people at all age ranges and for any purpose in your daily life.
- Become a successful business person with powerful and persuasive voice in every e-conference, important presentation, ...
- Express your love and inside feelings to your beloved family and friends by creating sweet  e-greeting cards on special events and holiday (Independence day, Valentine's day, Halloween,...).
- Change voice tone of singer in any song you like or even create remixes.
- Prank your friends with ones' voices they know. It'd be funnier with special sound effects
Prank calls with Voice Changer Software
Funny calls with Online Voice Changer
  • How does it work?

- Online Voice Changer includes Virtual Audio Device mode allowing you to capture online audio stream as well as change timbre and pitch in real time.
- It's compatible with many popular VoIP, Instant Messaging Applications and all online games.
- Ready-to-use nickvoice and sound effects help your voice sound deep or high, silly or creepy during online call.
 Online Voice Changer funny calls
  DON'T WAIT!!! Let's rock with Online Voice Changer!!!

If you have any questions regarding audio making purposes, feel free to ask at Digital Audio Answers

By: +Bryony Ahha 

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Fantastic Calling World With The Best Call Voice Changer

RRR Ready for a fabulous Masquerade Party! RRR

With Call Voice Changer, you can speak and imitate anyone's voice during internet calls.

- Be a Vampire, zombie or witch and create the most scary sounds for upcoming Halloween.
- More fun with silly calls between the bee, frog, wolf, bear, snake, ect.
- "Revenge" your opponent by sounding like a ghost, terminator, alien.
- Surprise the kids with their favorite characters' voices from Madagascar, Ice Age 4, Partysaurus Rex, The Avengers.
- Troll your friends with love calls from James Bond, Edward Cullen, Thor, Batman and many more.

Funny Calls With Best Call Voice Changer
Various ideas to troll your friends with Call Voice Changer
R Sound effects
 - Band Pass Filter
- Tremolo
- Squeak
- Hardcore Beat
- Reverberation 
- Spectral Peak Enhancer
- ...

R Background effects
- Darth Vader - Breathing
- Christmas Sound Pack
- Wolf Scent
- Scary Ghost Call
- Mysterious Sound
- Twilight Saga - New Moon
- ...

And lots of parody voice of the world's most popular music idols as well as talented Hollywood actors. This is going to drive your friends crazy to guess who is calling them and it will end up with unstoppable laughs.

AV Voice Changer Software is a versatile tool for any online or offline purpose and the best Voice changer Software. Outstanding from other programs, it works well with many VoIP and Instant Messaging Application such as Skype, AIM, YH!, Ventrilo, ect. which adds more value to your entertainment.

Interested in the best Call Voice Changer? You can visit to pick an edition and START PARTYING!!!

Monday, July 15, 2013

Prank Calls With Advanced Voice Changer Software

Let's rock your Online Calling World!!!
Take your trolling pleasure to the extreme by pretending to be anyone and adding weird background effects. Internet call now can drive you crazy with the help of a cool software specializing in changing voices.
"My husband thought that he just talked to Mr. President Obama"
"I used chipmunk voice and sent a birthday message to my daughter, she was extremely happy!"
or "My sister went mad when she heard dinner invitation from Justin Bieber"
Calling Voice Changer Funny Calls
 An All-in-one online Call Voice Changer
AV Voice Changer Software Diamond is the most advanced version of Voice Changer Software series. This is the tool-of-choice of those who want to be on top of audio technology with outstanding features.
- Change song voices, create animal sounds, mimic others' voices and have fun making your own e-cards.
- This tool works well with all online games including Second Life, World of Warcraft, EVE Online, Lord of the Rings Online, Everquest, Counter-Strike, Battlefield 2  , ...
- In Internet Calling World, you can pretend to be anyone, from boys to girls, babies to elders, creepy sound to silly one, even non-human voices or famous movie characters'.
- The ability to add narrations, perform dubbing tasks for audio or video clips.
- Unique features:  Batch File Morpher, Parody Maker, Parody  Mixer and Voice Analyzer.
Calling Voice Changer Funny Calls
How to use?
Its 2-dimensional graph and VAD (Virtual Audio Device mode) allow you to change Timbre & Pitch gradually in real-time in any chatting or online game application. You can also modify you output by adding effects or using preset nickvoices (ghost, alien, politician, flirting girl/boy...) frequently updated by Audio4fun.
One of its remarks is the possibility to have many windows opened at the same time so that users will find it much easier to use this Voice Changer Tool.

Read more about Change Voice While Calling!

Where to download??? 

Free download here: AV Voice Changer Software Diamond

Different editions as well as other cool products are at

Have any questions regarding call voice changer, audio editing and useful software, raise your questions at
Review by: +Bryony Ahha 

Monday, May 13, 2013

The Best Voice Changer Software

Voice Changer Software: honest, fun, and great value for money

Audio4fun’s Voice Changer Software is the one and only application out there that helps you manipulate voices and sounds perfectly. Let’s discover how it turns soulless “canned” audio into rich, natural, and vivid outputs.

Most of you pick it to play with your voices and enjoy “multi-personality” moments in your cyber life. But Voice Changer Software is more than that. It is a full-featured, powerful audio editor and morpher, utilizing cutting edge technology and lightning fast algorithms, yet it takes you through a considerably lower learning curve.
Main Panel of Voice Changer Software
Main Panel of Voice Changer Software

This Audio4fun program is one of only a few 2-dimensional real-time voice changers. You will find it compatible with many popular instant messengers, PC-to-phone applications, online role playing games, media players, etc. You can change any voice or sound file on your PC to make new, impressive audio clips and ringtones. Voice Changer Software is also an economical tool for voice mails, voice over, voice dubbing for documentaries and industrial movies, on-hold advertising, multimedia presentations, websites, games, radio and TV commercials, audio-books, etc. Supporting virtually all audio formats, Voice Changer Software is quite practical and fun to use!

Using Voice Changer Software’s various presets are quite simple to apply: audio effects, “nickvoices”, and equalizer settings are all just a mouse-click away. Also, you have more control over the software, such as excluding certain parts of an audio stream, or switching voice settings in real time, or managing your “nickvoice” effects, or saving your equalizer settings. You can also download numerous plug-in packages from the Audio4fun website.

Featuring a professional-looking interface and several powerful sub-modules, Voice Changer Software is the perfect audio morphing program. Users who take the time to explore the depths of its rich features will find an unending choice of impressive effects. For some newer users, it might take a while before they can achieve the output they desire, as they learn the limits and lengths to which the program can alter their files. However, the bottom line is that anyone will find that Voice Changer Software is a great value for the money. For more information, please visit


Exclusively useful features
Friendly with almost any environment
Hundreds of presets and “nickvoices”
Works in both real time and offline


A little complicated for newbies
The first outputs might not fully meet your requirements

If you have any questions regarding audio making project, feel free to join and ask at Digital Audio Anwers

Review by +Robert Kendy 

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Call Voice Changer with Internet Call

 The funniest Software in the Calling world! ✸

Fool your friends by changing your voice and adding sound effects in real time during a Internet call.

"I called my office and they thought I am a woman LOL"

"I drive my wife crazy with the dog barks"

"I love you. Do you want to go out with me tonight?" LOL

The app is for free but you need to buy credit before you make a call. We provide some free credit so you can test the app capabilities before you make a purchase.


✸ Change the pitch of your voice during a Internet  phone call to deep and creepy or high and funny.

✸ Add sound effects during the Internet  phone call.

How to use the AV Voice Changer

✸ In VoIP Calling, config audio microphone to use VAD (Vitual Audio Device).

✸ In AV Voice Changer, Change Pith, Timbre, effect or using build-in nickvoice (women, teen girl, robot, ...).

✸ Make an Calling and troll your friend by Call Voice Changer LOL.


Call Voice Changer - AV Voice Changer is using with an VoIP Software, so you need to have a good internet connection to make the call.

✸ You are not paying your phone provider to make the call - you pay for the internet only with Call Voice Changer.

✸ For best voice on Call Voice Changer quality use earphones.

Learn more about changing voice while calling!

Don't wait - try this app today! Pick an edition in here

Call Voice Changer - AV Voice Changer
Call Voice Changer - AV Voice Changer

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Funny call with Call Voice Changer

Use Call Voice Changer to change your voice during a live call!

Perfect to make a Santa Call for the holidays, the best Christmas Gifts for your family

Sound like a creepy man, woman, alien, chipmunk, and more.

Use Call Voice Changer to trick your best friend or your worst enemy.

Call your girlfriends, boyfriends, parents, children and even your boss with changing voice by Call Voice Changer

You'll have everyone guessing and laughing for hours.

Lots of crazy and fun voice effects like Alien, Cyborg, Ransom & Echo. Pro-Audio effects transform your voice during the phone call.

Included Changing Effects calling
  • ✓ Ransom
  • ✓ Echo
  • ✓ Alien
  • ✓ Super Low
  • ✓ Cyborg
  • ✓ Chipmunk
  • and more...
AV Voice Changer is the ultimate Voice Changer and works on or off calls. Better than any fake call app since VCS allows you to place calls and change your voice on the call with any VoIP ike as Skype, Yahoo, Google talk,....

AV Voice Changer is the ultimate Voice Changer
AV Voice Changer is the ultimate Voice Changer

Wanna download? Many Editions in here
Or you can visit Digital Audio Answers to ask any questions about voice changer, audio editing tasks!

Best Voice Changer Calling

AV Voice Changer allows you to record your voice and change the way it sounds or change voice while calling

First off, It change the voice as you speaking. So you can use it while you are calling vi VoIP like as Skype, Yahoo, Google talk. You can record the messages you want to send with a different voice, choose the voice and the effect and then play it also. There are lots of easy-to-recognize voice types: chipmunk, cat, robot, child, megaphone, women's and men's voice, echo, chorus... and many others. After choosing the voice, you can set the speech speed, the effects and the background noise (airport, battle, raining...).

As you record the speeches, you can save them as .wav file, Mp3 file,... to use it whenever you want. It would be great if it transformed your voice while you speak, but anyway, it's a good application. The sound quality is quite acceptable and the amount of voice types, effects and background noise make it a complete voice changer.

AV Voice Changer has been developed by AVSOFT, an emerging software developer who has launched other interesting apps on the market.

AV Voice Changer
AV Voice Changer
Change voice real time when calling or record yourself and then change your voice. Select many voices and effects.

You can also change the background sound, make it sound as if you are on a plane, during battle and more.

★ Change your voice to CHIPMUNK, CAT, ROBOT, CHILD, MEGAPHONE, serveral WOMEN's and MEN's voices, and more...

★ Add Effects: CHORUS, ECHO,...


★ Hear the modified voice

★ Save recordings as .wav file, Mp3 file,..., come back and change later

Want download? Many Edition in here

Replated post: The Best Call Voice Changer for your PC

Voice Changer Funny Calls

Voice Changer (Funny Calls with Call Voice Changer) - an application for changing recorded audio and make prank calls with changed voice to your skype friends, Yahoo friends or Google talk friends.

You can check how available audio effects and their combinations affects audio records and than try those in outcoming call!
Funny Calls with Call Voice Changer
Funny Calls with Call Voice Changer

Voice Changer Calling with Voice Changer Application

Prank your friends, surprise your family. 

Use Voice Changer Application to make Voice Changer Calling with AV Voice Changer (Download here
Calls are make using your VoiP as Skype, Yahoo.
All calls are free, many nickvoice to change your voice.

Voice Changer - an application for changing recorded audio and make prank calls with changed voice to your friends