Thursday, March 12, 2015

Get Higher Quality Voice With Call Voice Changer

Call Voice Changer To Polish Your Voice Far Better

Call voice changer now offers you a better vowel enhancing feature to help you speak in fake voices in the most natural and quickest way!

Thanks to voice changer software, we can easily sound differently in voice chats. People take advantage of this program to entertain with their friends online. For examples, making prank calls, speaking in famous voices, and dubbing voices for their favorite movies

If you ever use call voice changer software, you may know its capability of voice modification and manipulation. And what makes it stand out among other voice changers, is the one-and-only Vowel Enhancer that polishes your fake voice to make it sound natural. With the new version updated - 8.1, call voice changer will absolutely wow you even more with this cool feature. 

Let's take a look at the difference:

Old vowel enhancer of call voice changer
Old vowel enhancer of call voice changer

Old vowel enhancer of call voice changer
New vowel enhancer of call voice changer

In previous version, there were more settings for your to adjust, which also means lots of actions to take in order to achieve your target voices. However, the new call voice changer now includes only 2 sliders: Formant pitch and Smooth level. 

The question is... "How come less settings have more effects on your voice?

Well, any slight change you make on one of these two sliders can make a clear difference, while you had to try various options 6 separate ones. Therefore, the new call voice changer can now shorted your morphing process far better. 

Download the upgraded call voice changer below and tell us your own experience.

Monday, January 26, 2015

Ideas For Making Audio Gifts Using Call Voice Changer

A call voice changer, as its name, is basically a voice changing software for PC. Today, I will give you 3 loveliest ideas to create audio gifts for your special ones, on special events, using call voice changer.

# Change voice while singing

Change voice while singing using call voice changer
Even though you're a great or an "umm.." singer, you have no fear now showing your true self with call voice changer software. Is it too high, or too low? The program offers you a full control on it.

This first tip is the most commonly used by internet users. On special occasions, they sing their hearts out via Skype, Yahoo, etc. to express love for families and friends. Let call voice changer help you make it a remarkable time having fun online with them. 

How it works?
Call voice changer connects with your microphone through its unique Virtual Audio Driver (VAD) mode. Once you set VAD as your main audio driver, you can take advantage of its powerful morphing settings, speak through the mic, and see how it changes your chat voice in real time.

When configuration step is done, choose a person in your friend list to start a chat conversation and ... sing!

# Remix songs in your own style

Remix songs in your own style
The next idea for cool audio gifts is using call voice changer to bring different colors to your favorite songs. You can change/replace/morph the singer voice, and modify advanced equalizers for the beat to turn the song to a completely new tunes.

How it works?
Call voice changer captures audio streams automatically, so you only need to play your song on a media player. Then, turn on Voice Morpher module to change Timbre and Pitch level while listening to such changes through your headphones.

If you want to make further adjustments, use its advanced morphing settings to apply appropriate built-in presets.

# Add voice over/dubbing to your clips
Add voice over/dubbing to your clips

One of the most special part of call voice changer is that it enable users to dub movies and do voice-over to video clips with their own voices. Mimic famous movie characters' voices in a movie clip, or create a creative video clips using supported tools, such as Crazy Talk, Anime Studio Pro, etc.)

How it works?
First, record and morph your voice using call voice changer. Save your output recordings in order. Then, run your video creating tools and insert these morphed voices into its suitable scenes. Finally, save it.

There're more stuffs for you to play around with Call Voice Changer, like E-greeting cards, voice mails, ringtones, etc. Download call voice changer free below:

Monday, December 22, 2014

Add Background Effects to Real-time Calling Using Call Voice Changer

Add Background Effects to Real-time Calling Using Call Voice Changer
Add Background Effects to Real-time Calling Using Call Voice Changer
Special holidays are coming! 
For those who are living far away from home, it's definitely the best using voice chat application to call their family and friends to send seasonal greetings and best wishes for the new year. 

Be creative!
There are more things you can do with call voice changer to make your online calls for interesting and funny, such as:

This time, will guide you on how to make your video calls more interesting by applying special background effects while you're speaking through the microphone.

Step 1
You need a voice changer for calling installed on your computer.
If you haven't, click on the below button to download and install it.

Step 2
- Enable an abundant library of background effects in call voice changer.

Add Background Effects to Real-time Calling Using Call Voice Changer

When the Background Effects window is open, turn it on to activate its features.

Add Background Effects to Real-time Calling Using Call Voice Changer

As this is a customizable list, you now can choose these effects directly, or create your new own effect groups. In order to create a new group, follow step 3.

Step 3
- Click "Create group" and name your effect group ➞ OK.
Tip: To delete a group from the effect tree, right click on it and choose Delete.

Add Background Effects to Real-time Calling Using Call Voice Changer

- Add your own effects to this newly created group:
Choose your own group ➞ Type a short description for the effect ➞ Browse your audio effect ➞ OK

Add Background Effects to Real-time Calling Using Call Voice Changer

Step 4
You now can start your online chat conversation in any application (Skype, AOL, YH!, ...). While speaking on the phone, check the checkbox of the effect your like, it'll be applied in real-time calling.

Monday, October 20, 2014

Free Prank Calls With Unique Creepy Sounds

Halloween is just around the corner, are you in?

Free Prank Calls With Unique Creepy Sounds
There's no time in the year that can be more horror and fascinating like Halloween because we all will have the chance to try new spooky tricks for our friends... TEE-HEE-HEE! Traditional Halloween activities will never get old, but we have a far unique and better idea for you to play tricks on your friends - creepy prank calls using call voice changer.

Call voice changer is 100% capable of  changing your voice through Skype, Yahoo, Google voice chat, etc., as well as unique audio sounds which require lots of professional morphing processes. You can easily make free spooky internet calls in just a few clicks using one of the best call voice changer, or simply the pure voice changer calling for VoIP and IM applications.

 Download Call Voice Changer

Imagine how your "targets" will react if they hear strange, horror background sounds with creepy voice through the phone? Take a look at how you can change your voice like Yoda, Optimus Prime using this program.

Check out some bloodcurdling audio sounds morphed by call voice changer:

Take advantage of its huge library of vivid sound/background effects and ready-to-use "nickvoices" to freak the hell out of your friends in any voice chat system. And of course.... you would never want to miss the hilarious reactions of your friends, so capture them well!


Thursday, September 4, 2014

Pure Voice Changer Calling In VoIP and IM Programs

Using instant messengers or various VoIP applications for communication is nothing new to everyone now. But how to make it "new" in creative, entertaining ways, is a real "puzzle" that has been driving many of the users crazy. The upcoming trick that Call Voice Changer brings you, will surely take online communication to a whole new level with full of creations and laughter.

AV Voice Changer Software is one of the most simple yet effective voice changer for calling out there, that allows you to record your voice and change the way it sounds into any characters you wish for. This voice changer has a powerful ability to work with almost all IM and VoIP programs, which means you can change voice while calling in real-time without being caught by your friends. Its quick access to all specialized morphing settings, plus a smart design will simplify even your sophisticated voice changing tasks.

Pure Voice Changer Calling In VoIP and IM Programs
AV Voice Changer main panel
  • Timbre and Pitch modifying module
  • Superb voice changing algorithm
  • Customizable "nickvoices" for instant use
  • Professional yet simple user interface
  • IM & VoIP clients: Skype, Ventrilo, TeamSpeak, Yahoo Messenger, MSN Live Messenger, AIM, XFire, GoogleTalk, Roger Wilco, Net2Phone, and many more.
  • Online games: Second Life, World of Warcraft, EVE Online, Lord of the Rings Online, Everquest, Counter-Strike, Battlefield 2 and others.
  • Voice effects: Reject Instrumental, Bass Cut, Radio, Ghosts, Orchestra, Big Hall, Metal Echo, etc.
  • Background effects: Battlefields, Explosions, Machine-gun, Women Walks, Traffic Jam, etc.
 Download AV Voice Changer

Monday, August 4, 2014

3 Steps To Troll Your Friends With Yoda Voice

3 Steps To Troll Your Friends With Yoda Voice

As having received a great number of requests for "How to change voice like Yoda" recently, Call Voice Changer will bring you a 3-step tutorial, helping you easily speak like this character in both online chat conversations and offline voice changing projects. And if you and your friends are huge fans of master Yoda, this simple tutorial will be one of your faves!

❝ Step 1 
Download call voice changer software specialized in modifying human's voice timbre and pitch level in real-time.

3 Steps To Troll Your Friends With Yoda Voice

Step 2 
Use Morph graph to change your voice timbre and pitch. By moving the cursor on this graph, you can hear how your voice changes in real-time.

Leave the cursor at 83% Pitch and 126 % Timbre, you will sound like Yoda the most.
Adjust Advanced Tune slider to 66% to hear the best quality voice output.

3 Steps To Troll Your Friends With Yoda Voice

Step 3 ❞ 
Make your voice more natural by using built-in background effects and taking advantage of advanced Equalizer module.

3 Steps To Troll Your Friends With Yoda Voice
Equalizer settings

3 Steps To Troll Your Friends With Yoda Voice
Background Effects button on main panel
3 Steps To Troll Your Friends With Yoda Voice
Background Effects window

Now you are so ready for it! Are you holding the list of your "victims" in hand? Let's see how long they can "bear" this "sudden attack"! LOL

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Voice Changer For Online Skype Calls

Isn't it cool if you can call your best pals and have fun asking them out with Justine Bieber, Ariana Grande,  Peter Griffin, Morgan Freeman, Barack Obama and more? If you are feeling fascinated about this idea, you'll definitely need one of the coolest voice changer in real time to get things going.

Voice Changer For Online Skype Calls
Funny online Skype calls with Voice Changer

♛ Call Voice Changer review

Voice morpher graph
Voice morpher graph
Voice changer software is a specialized voice mastering tool for both online and offline activities. This program works with 2 main voice changing algorithm, Virtual Audio Driver mode, which allows you to modify and control your voice in real-time voice chat in Skype. On its main panel, you can easily find a parabolic voice morphing graph (or specialized graph for Timbre and Pitch manipulation) formed by hundreds of curved lines. They themselves create various arching set points providing users a wide range of voice tones as they wish. This newly upgraded voice morphing graph is a brilliant feature which makes voice changer software stand out from relevant tools. 

Additionally, call voice changer can use “nickvoices”, the unique voice sample options for instant access; these are presets that allow the user to modify their own voice to sound like another voice, and there are many presets available, and users can make their own and then share them. They are categorized for specific purposes, such as :
  • Male to female voice: turn a male voice into a female voice with different personalities and ages.
  • Female to male voice: turn a female voice into a male voice with different personalities and ages.
  • Nickvoices for movie maker: movie characters' voices (witch, devil, alien, terminator, X-men,...)
  • Non-human voices: a diversity of animal voices.
  • Customizable nickvoices: which you can save with any nicknames and personality.

What special about this voice changer is that it offers you an comprehensive control on your audio output, from timbre and pitch, voice limiter, noise reduction, equalizer, voice formant and a long list of unique, vivid sound effects, in order to make your audio sound completely natural.  

 Effectively change voice in real-time Skype calls
Voice Changer for Skype
Change voice online in Skype with Call Voice Changer
Call voice changer is the best solution for all voice changing tasks in Skype, you can make professional E-conference via Skype in a professional voice, mimic a friend's voice, or fool your chat buddies around with celebrity voices, and of course .... all the adjustments you make in this program will be heard immediately through headphones and automatically applied to your Skype calling conversation. Besides that, you can easily enjoy a quick, advanced voice controller which helps you save much time in morphing, thanks to the smart, friendly user interface.

Wanna try it out? Feel free to download this Call Voice Changer